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Local Talent: Keith Buckner


Keith Buckner was the kid who drew throughout his life, but he did not start his art career in earnest until attending college at UNCG.

Now retired from working in IT at UNCG’s library, Buckner has painted and played music for about 40 years. After all those years, he still finds excitement and challenges. He still loves the process of creation.

“The process of discovery and the fact that you lose yourself so completely when you’re working,” he said. “You forget your worries and everything goes away, you’re just totally working. It’s Zen-like.”

When it comes to painting, Bucker likes to work from nature because he enjoys the outdoors.

“Landscapes, still-life and figures,” he said. “Sometimes they get a little more abstract, sometimes a little more real.”

He still finds challenges in making his dreams and ideas come to fruition.

“It always takes a zig-zag,” said Buckner. “You start out one way and it takes you in another direction, sort of like life.”

Buckner plays string instruments such as the guitar, banjo, fiddle and upright bass. He plays in bands local to Greensboro such as The Minor Swing Band and Alley Rabbits.

“I’m self-taught,” said Buckner. “Musically, I started really young. I started playing professionally when I was 12-14 years old. I am ear-trained in music.”

Buckner loves making connections with his artwork.

“I think a real highlight for me is when someone buys the work and you make a connection with that person,” he said. “They kind of have a little piece of you that they look at every day.”

In his retirement, Buckner plays to keep playing music and making art.

Interested in his art? Check out his Facebook page at