Maid Right teams up with Cancer Charity


Maid Right now cleans for free the homes of women diagnosed with cancer.

The home cleaning business has recently made a partnership with an organization based in Texas, Cleaning for a Reason. Cleaning for a Reason nationally recruits cleaning companies to clean homes for women undergoing cancer treatment.

Maid Right’s branch in Greensboro cleans homes throughout Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Kernersville, and all the way down to Salisbury.

“What we do is what I call a comprehensive residential cleaning,” said Jim Branyon, the owner of Maid Right in Greensboro. “We do one time cleans, move in, move out, as well as recurring cleans. We’ll do all the dusting, the cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen, vacuuming, mopping the floors, everything that would be associated with residential cleaning.”

Maid Right signed up and became a partner with Cleaning for a Reason earlier this year.

“My wife had come to me late last year and said that she had a friend that was undergoing cancer treatments and could we do something to help her,” said Branyon. “We did a little research and we found the organization.”

“Cleaning for a Reason will have the women registered with them and then they will find and set them up with cleanings, so they send us people that need their houses cleaned.”

One of those people was Lisa Keith, a school teacher who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. At that time, Cleaning for a Reason did not have anyone in Greensboro to help her. However, they kept her application.

“Every year I would send them another letter just to see if anybody would pick it up,” said Keith. “Maid Right picked it up and it’s the first time I had somebody to clean my house this year.”

“It’s a big help. I know they only come once a month but in 2014 my cancer came back. I had radiation therapy and sweeping, moping, and dusting is very hard for me. Them coming in once a month just to do the major things that I don’t really do well because of me and my lipedema has helped a whole lot. It has helped so much. If it’s repetitive, it’ll make my arm swell.”

Another client was Margarita Noyola-Medina from Winston-Salem. Living by herself, she found is not easy to clean her whole apartment.
Noyola-Medina was referred to Maid Right by Hispanic Patient Navigator, Maria Combs, from Wake Forest Baptist Health.

“It is really important because some of them do not have family members in their homes,” said Combs. “They can help with that part, especially if they are receiving treatment. It is super important because they don’t have someone who can clean their home and they try to do it themselves. Dealing with the side effects of the chemotherapy is something that can make you really tired.”

When Maid Right works with one of their clients who have cancer, they clean their house once a month for four months while they are undergoing the cancer treatments.

“I think it’s a way we can take a little bit of a stress load off of them,” said Branyon. “They are going through so many things and it’s physically demanding on them and the fact that we can come in and help out a little bit. I think that makes a difference with them, it takes pressure off of them.”

The Maid Right business hopes to help more women with cancer which each coming quarter.

“We hope other cleaning services will sign up with cleaning for a reason so more women can be helped,” said Branyon.

“I’m grateful that Maid Right is doing this for women who are cancer survivors or are still going through treatment because even after we go through what we go through, it’s life long, the radiation, the surgery that I had, it never ends,” said Keith.

“It’s always a struggle to do the day to day things; although we try to act like we’re okay we might be in pain but we don’t want to let our caregivers know because we don’t want them to worry about us. To have somebody come to clean for us is super helpful.”

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