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Mayra’s Everything Blueberry Jam Debuts at the Claddagh Restaurant and Pub

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2017)

Tucked into the side street of East Parrish Avenue in High Point is The Claddagh—a small, yet cozy Irish pub owned by locals Terry and Mayra Cromer. Over two hours west in Asheville, there is another location of The Claddagh also owned and managed by the Cromers. Terry Cromer describes The Claddagh as “cheers with an Irish twist.” However, their well-known and always-hopping restaurant is not the only thing that is grabbing everyone’s attention.

In the kitchen of The Claddagh, Mayra Cromer is whipping up something fresh and potentially profitable: her one-of-a-kind blueberry jam. She said this jam is not just for your biscuit because it is a popular and widely used condiment at the restaurant. Terry Cromer said the jam is served to every table with their homemade scones, which he added, is an Irish tradition. Mayra’s Everything Blueberry Jam goes with their pancakes, their French toast and in their specialty blueberry martini. Mayra Cromer also makes a blueberry balsamic barbecue glaze that she uses on the pork chops. However, this sauce is not on the market just yet, she said. Mayra’s Everything Blueberry Jam consists of smashed blueberries, sugar, lemon, cinnamon, cornstarch, flour, water topped off with a zing of ginger.

Mayra Cromer said that her jam could go on almost anything, but her favorite use is eating it on pancakes. Of course, she said, she also thoroughly enjoys drinking her blueberry martini creation.

As of now, the jam sells for $6 at The Claddagh in High Point. However, both Cromers eventually want to make the jam available at both locations, and she hopes to have it in a grocery store one day. So, why does she make her almost-famous blueberry jam available to her patrons? She said it is something that she can do by herself and she hopes to make some money off selling the jams to help her mother.

“I wanted to do something for just me, and also to help my mother,” Mayra Cromer said. “It is my turn to pay back my mom. I hope to make enough money to help her retire because she is already 60 years old and still working.”

Tim Parnell has been a regular at The Claddagh for 10 years and has known the Cromers ever since they took over ownership. He said he knew the jam was something Mayra Cromer was thinking about and he eventually became one of the first taste-testers for it. He has been using Mayra’s Everything Blueberry Jam for almost three months now.

“I actually really do enjoy it,” Parnell said. “It’s refreshing and flavorful.”

He said he likes it on waffles, pancakes and Triscuits with cream cheese (which, he said, actually turns out really well). Parnell plans to try it on ice cream because he believes that will be good as well. Out of all the ways to use Mayra’s Everything Blueberry Jam, he said his favorite way was to have it on waffles.

“I bought one [jar] to start out with,” he said. “But now, I have gotten three more since then.”

Mayra’s “little helper” Courtney Cromer putting labels on the blueberry jam.

Terry and Mayra Cromer have lived in High Point for 20 years. He has been a part of the restaurant business since he was 14 years old and she has been in it for 25 years. Mayra Cromer was born in San Miguel, El Salvador, but moved to the United States for a better life when she was 15 years old. She said owning a restaurant has not been easy, but it has been a more than gratifying experience for her.

Soon, The Claddagh will host an Oyster Festival on Sept. 16 all day and night from noon to 2 a.m. Terry Cromer said that there would be good seafood such as low country boil and live music to fill the day. He also said he hopes that The Claddagh could host their own Oktoberfest this year, but plans for that are in the works, he said. To purchase some of Mayra’s Everything Blueberry Jam, visit The Claddagh at 130 E. Parrish Ave.