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Michael Mickiewicz: Helpful Hardware Man

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)


Michael Mickiewicz, the owner and store manager of Ace Hardware in Kernersville, has a goal to get his business active in the community.
His Ace Hardware store is two and a half year old business known for its top-notch customer service. The sense for hardware and business has been a prominent factor in Mickiewicz’s career and family.

“My dad is a building contractor, my brother is in architectural restoration and I was in scenic carpentry for the theater for many years,” said Mickiewicz.

“My dad happened upon an Ace Hardware store in Charlotte, North Carolina. He fell in love with the idea of opening a hardware store with his sons. My brother wasn’t too interested and I was. That’s how it kind of came to be.”

After living in Greensboro for seven years, Mickiewicz decided to set up shop in Kernersville.

“I like small towns,” he said. “I’ve always grown up in small towns.”

Mickiewicz makes sure that Ace Hardware’s customer service is top-notch.

“We tend to be as helpful as we can be,” he said. “At a lot of the big box stores, people get turned off because they feel like they aren’t getting help. Here you are getting help from us right when you come through the door. Just a simple greeting and what can we help you find today.”

Mickiewicz’s favorite moments in the business are always when the store is involved with the community such as having a shopping center awareness day, having customer appreciation days and even just having Girl Scouts selling by their storefront.

“My plans for the future are to really get actively involved in the community,” said Mickiewicz. “We’ve started getting more involved with the Chamber of Commerce. I’ve looked personally into getting more involved with the theater department, the Theater of Kernersville. We want to be actively involved in the Spring Folly this year.

“Just the more and more we can get actively involved in the community, being the hardware store that helps, that’s what we want to see first and foremost.”

Ace Hardware’s next customer appreciation day will be on April 8. There will be free hotdogs. The store’s address is 1537 Union Cross Road in Kernersville.

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