Naked White Male Spotted in Oak Ridge Town Park, Banned by Sheriff’s Office

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

A report from the Guilford County Sheriff’s office sent out today at approximately 1:24 p.m. stated that during the months of October and November there had been multiple reports of a naked individual in the area of Oak Ridge Town Park.

Detective B.W. Douglas, the investigating officer for the case, said that there had been approximately six to seven reports of a white male in his 70s walking around naked in a wooded area holding his genitals since mid-September. Douglas said he and another officer interviewed the suspect this morning. Douglas said the mayor of Oak Ridge brought it to his attention three weeks ago. Douglas said about a week and a half ago, a witness approached the suspect and asked why he was naked, but the suspect walked away, got dressed and went to his car. Douglas said the witness followed him and took pictures of his tag number and reported it to law enforcement.

On Monday, Douglas said the department took more proactive steps to solve the case. After the interview with the suspect (who after a couple questions refused to speak to law enforcement any further), Douglas cited him with trespassing. Douglas said because of North Carolina indecent exposure laws (in which genitals must be exposed, and the male ), there was “a naked guy but no crime.”

Douglas said he informed the man that he was now banned from Oak Ridge Town Park, and the man asked: “What about other parks?”

Douglas said he told the man that if he was caught in any District 1 park, then he would be dealing with Douglas again.

Douglas said he would be more than happy to talk to other witnesses who might have seen the naked man out and about. A public narrative is scheduled to be released from the Sheriff’s office tomorrow morning.



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