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National Recording Artists to Headline 2017 Gears & Guitars

2016 Gears & Guitars
(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)

2016 Gears & Guitars

Weekend Concludes with Free Concert on Memorial Day at Bailey Park

This spring’s Gears & Guitars music festival – a series of concerts performed in conjunction with the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic – will take place May 26-29.  All the concerts will be at Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem and will conclude with a free Memorial Day performance on Monday, May 29.

Gears & Guitars kicks off on Friday, May 26 featuring three country music performances:  Eric Dodd, Muscadine Bloodline (noted by Rolling Stone as one of the “New Country Artists to Watch) and Corey Smith.  Gates open at 6 p.m. on May 26.  Opening performers for the Saturday, May 27, concert will be announced at a later date.  Following the conclusion of the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic on May 27, national recording artist Collective Soul will take the stage Bailey Park as the evening headliner.  Gates open at 5 p.m.

On Sunday, May 28, Gear & Guitars will continue with headliner Barenaked Ladies.  An additional opening artist will be announced at a later date.  Gates open at 6 p.m. on May 28.  The Gears & Guitars music festival will conclude on Monday, May 29 with free Memorial Day performances featuring a number of local bands, food trucks and other family activities.  The Memorial Day celebration at Bailey Park is from 1 to 7 p.m.

“Gears and Guitars is shaping up to be a wonderful event again this year, and we are thrilled with the already confirmed performers.  Last year, we had more than 12,000 people at the concerts,” Gears and Guitars Producer Ray Boden said. “With the level of talent and the great value of the tickets, people will have a good reason to make sure they stay in Winston-Salem over the Memorial Day holiday,” he added.

Detailed information about Gears & Guitars is available at gearsandguitarsfest.com.  Follow Gears and Guitars Winston-Salem on Facebook and on Twitter @GearsandGuitars.  Weekend passes, VIP packages and individual show tickets for Gears & Guitars will be available starting on Friday, February 24 at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster outlets.  For more information and to purchase tickets, go to ticketmaster.com

About Eric Dodd

For Eric Dodd, growing up as the Director of Golf’s son on Lake Oconee, Georgia, offered up a real life The Legend of Bagger Vance, and taught him the importance of discipline at an early age. Unlike the rest of his peers, Dodd had his sites on something beyond Lake Oconee. “When I was 13 or so, I was fortunate to have my older brother, Bryan, take me to concerts and share his love of music with me.” At age 14, Dodd wrote his first song and switched from electric to acoustic guitar as he honed his craft.

Dodd went on to earn a golf scholarship to Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia, but decided to focus on music and transferred to the University of Georgia. During his senior year, Dodd’s band opened for the Zac Brown Band at the legendary Georgia Theatre.

Dodd moved to Nashville in 2014 and dedicated the last two years to writing. He performed at his first CMA Festival in 2015. When he went to record his new EP, FUN / FIRE /RAIN, he discovered he had more than 300 songs to choose from his catalogue. “This EP is reflective of everything I’ve been through, and is kind of my introduction to the world as an artist. I hope the lyrics, my story, will speak to a lot of people.”

About Muscadine Bloodline

Unapologetically Alabama. There’s a new force making major waves in country music. Natives of Mobile, Alabama, Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster came together to form Muscadine Bloodline in early 2016. With three single releases under their belt and a schedule full of shows spanning from coast to coast, they’ve hit the ground running from day one. Nashville took notice the first time these two stepped on the stage and it is no surprise the rest of the music world is quickly catching on. Muncaster’s [contemporary] vocals complimented by Stanton’s harmonies and masterful guitar licks, Muscadine Bloodline is a powerfully refreshing mix of talent, passion and unfiltered authenticity.  Infamously undaunted by the big stage, their sound intertwines the brash irreverence of early southern rockers with the seductive quality of 90s country love songs. Captivating hooks heard in songs like “Porch Swing Angel” and the aggressively anthemic “Shut Your Mouth” stand as a testament to Muscadine Bloodline’s wide ranging music-making capability. Every song and every show is a moving experience but at the same time, unmistakably Muscadine Bloodline.

About Corey Smith

The way Corey Smith sees it, he owes a debt to his fans. And it’s one he is determined to repay with his 10th album, While the Gettin’ Is Good. The project, released on Sugar Hill Records, marks the first time that the singer-songwriter, a wildly popular touring artist who has produced all of his past efforts, has turned over the reins to a bona fide country music producer in Keith Stegall. The result is Smith’s most ambitious record yet, as well as a return on the investment made by the fans who have supported him since his first album in 2003.

A collection of 12 songs, While the Gettin’ Is Good was written entirely by Smith. As such, it’s a deeply personal album, one that explores themes of love, hometown pride and even personal discovery. A close relative inspired one of the record’s highlights, “Bend,” about learning how to adapt to what life throws at you.

Now, however, Smith is focused squarely on the future. As the new album title suggests, he’s ready to make a determined grab at country’s brass ring while the gettin’ is good. And with Keith Stegall and Sugar Hill Records behind him, the gettin’ has never been better. As the perseverant Smith is fond of saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat in country music.”

Collective Soul - from left Jesse Triplett, Will Turpin, Ed Roland, Dean Roland and Johnny Rabb

Collective Soul – from left Jesse Triplett, Will Turpin, Ed Roland, Dean Roland and Johnny Rabb

About Collective Soul

Born during the rise of grunge and alternative rock, Collective Soul broke into mainstream popularity when they rose to international fame in 1993 with the rock anthem Shine. The multi-platinum quintet has been making music for two decades since then and has a catalog of #1 hits under their belts. Collective Soul helped shape and define alternative rock with lots of guitars and attitude.

Collective Soul was formed in the small town of Stockbridge, Georgia, in the early 1990s. The group consists of principal songwriter and frontman Ed Roland (lead vocals/keyboards/guitars), Dean Roland (rhythm guitarist), Will Turpin (bassist), Johnny Rabb (drummer) and Jesse Triplett (lead guitarist).

The band’s debut album Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid was originally released in 1993 on Atlanta indie label Rising Storm. The album was a collection of Ed Roland’s demos that spread like fire through the college circuit and the popularity of the album locally spurred Atlantic to pick it up for a major-label release. Shine quickly became the rock anthem played across the country on radio and on MTV and set the band up for an arena tour with Aerosmith.  Their self-titled second album was a triple platinum juggernaut and would define their sound with guitar driven songs and passionate vocals. The band went on to produce nine albums to date, all of which have included hit after hit.

Collective Soul’s music has often been covered by well-known artists. In 2001, Dolly Parton won a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance with her cover version of “Shine.” In further recognition of their artistic achievement, Collective Soul was inducted into The Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009. Additionally, as the principal songwriter for the group, Roland was individually inducted as a songwriter in 2014.  Collective Soul continues to rock quite simply for the love of music. The band that helped sonically define alternative rock is more focused and energized than ever. And as Ed Roland puts it, fans can continue to expect “lots of guitars and a fun attitude from the southern gentlemen of rock and roll.”


About Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies is a Canadian rock band. The band is currently composed of Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson and Tyler Stewart. Barenaked Ladies formed in 1988 in Scarborough, Ontario as a duo of Robertson and Steven Page. Jim Creeggan and his brother Andrew “Andy” Creeggan joined at the end of 1989, and Stewart was added in 1990 while Andy was on a brief hiatus from the group. Andy left the band after its second album in 1995 and was replaced by Hearn. Page left in 2009, leaving the group as a quartet.

Upon forming, the band quickly developed a cult following in their native Canada culminating in their self-titled 1990 cassette becoming the first independent release ever to be certified gold in Canada. The band then received a major record deal with Reprise Records. Its label debut, Gordon, was released in 1992.

The band’s style has evolved greatly throughout its career, and its music, which began as exclusively acoustic, quickly grew to encompass a mixture of a wide array of styles including pop, rock, hip hop, rap, etc. They are most commonly billed as an “alt rock” band. The band’s cult following translated into immediate success with Gordon in Canada with a number of popular singles including “If I Had $1000000” and “Brian Wilson,” but it was not until the band’s 1996 live album, Rock Spectacle with its singles, live versions of “The Old Apartment” and “Brian Wilson,” and its 1998 fourth studio album, Stunt, that the band finally found success in the United States. The lead single from Stunt, “One Week” remains the band’s most successful single. In 2007, Robertson wrote, and the band recorded, a theme song for the sitcom The Big Bang Theory for which the band has also become well-known.

The band is also known for their light-hearted, comedic performance style and humorous banter between songs: improvised raps/songs are staples at most concerts. They have won multiple Juno Awards and have been nominated for Grammy Awards. The group has sold over 15 million records including albums and singles.

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