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A Taste of Oregon in the Triad

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2017)

By: Jessica Clifford

The Oregon-based craft brewery, Deschutes, began distributing to all of North Carolina in June.

Founder Gary Fish initially opened a pub in Bend, Oregon, in 1988. Deschutes continuous success allowed the family-owned brewery to open a pub in Portland, Oregon, in 2008 with upcoming plans to build a brewery in Roanoke, Virginia, next.

Deschutes offers six year-round brews including Black Butte Porter, Obsidian Stout, Inversion IPA, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Pacific Wonderland Lager and their American Wheat Ale.

They also have a Bond Street Series including six brews inspired by their original pub located in Oregon.

The Fresh Squeezed IPA in the Bond Street series is an India Pale Ale, containing a 6.4 percent alcoholic content and includes Citra, mosaic and nugget hops. This beer has an entirely citrus forward taste and lighter hops. The bitter IPA-taste appears after it is swallowed, making for a mouth-watering drink.

Other brews in the series include Pinedrops IPA, Sagefight Imperial IPA, Swivelhead Red Ale, Hop Trip Pale Ale and Chasin’ Freshies IPA.

Deschutes also has the Reserve Series, a set of experimental brews including stronger alcoholic contents, with many containing a special ingredient – chocolate.

The brewery, like most nowadays, has a seasonal line of beers as well. One special brew is made for each season.

With autumn finally here, Deschutes is distributing its nutty and full-bodied Hopzeit: Autumn IPA. The beer contains more alcohol than most, coming in at a seven percent alcohol content. It contains Herkules, sterling and hull melon hops, creating a sharp and bitter taste. Yet, the flavors become more pronounced as one drinks, with a subtle orange flavor underneath. However, the Autumn IPA is not here for too long, it is only brewed and distributed from August to October.

Find Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA, their Hopzeit: Autumn IPA and other brews at Greensboro’s Bestway, with select beers located at some Harris Teeters in Greensboro. Also, stop by Lowes Foods, who exclusively sells Deschutes 12-beer variety pack.