New local board game store and social venue, 3 Blind Dice, makes every night “game night.”


In cities like Seattle, Toronto, Austen, and NYC, board game cafes, bars, and gathering spaces have become all the rage. An alternative to the traditional evening out, 3 Blind Dice brings this fresh, fun choice to Winston Salem, NC.

Tucked in the back lot of the hip West End Mill Works where the Porch Kitchen and Cantina is located, this hidden gem offers a relaxed, colorful environment with shelves full of unique strategy board games you won’t find at the chains. Games are available to purchase and play, or even to rent for a few days. They also have a vast selection available to play on-site, free of charge. The trendy, industrial decor, comfortable chairs, wood tables, and denim sofas provide a chill atmosphere and offer plenty of room to relax with family and friends while strategizing your next move.

Former accountant and UNCG Bryan School of Business alum, owner Connor Doten says, “When I ask people what they would like more than anything I always hear the same things — time with family and friends, unhurried time off, to reconnect with what’s important. That really resonates with our philosophy here at 3 Blind Dice. We hope our store will become a regular place for people in Winston to come out and play games, stretch their thinking caps, add a few laugh lines. Through it all, everyone can stay fueled with some of our sweet snacks, coffees, and sodas. Of course, with research suggesting 59% of Americans enjoy playing games regularly, we think there’s some serious business potential here as well.”

dsc_7249The event calendar at 3 Blind Dice is a fun read with listings like Dungeons and Dads, Magic Draft Day, Family night, Munchkin Night, and listings for Winston Salem Gamer’s Guild meet ups scheduled months in advance. Programs for senior gamers and students are in the works, game designers and developers are being scheduled to come in for demonstrations, and new programs are added daily. Doten is also offering his space for rent for birthday parties, events, corporate team-building, and work functions.


Tues-Thurs  2pm-10pm

Fri & Sat  11am-11pm

Sun 11am-8pm

Closed Mondays

For more information:

Connor Doten

3 Blind Dice

1151 Canal Street, Suite 103. Winston-Salem, NC 27105