ode to shawn

by YOU!

police respond to hostage situation. girlfriend (hostage) runs from house. man fires gun inside house. why?

man appears to be suicidal. man’s brother said he suffered from depression. man’s brother said he couldn’t afford treatment — no health insurance. why?

man talks to police negotiators. man walks out of house pointing gun. police react as trained, shoot man. man dies. why?

story is published in online news journal. so-called citizens post comments. citizens applaud police. citizens glad no one else was hurt. citizens glad no money will be spent on trial, meals or jail. no justice for the man. why?

who was this member of humanity? once a little boy, running around playing with a smile on his face. that doesn’t matter. all hail, the criminal is dead! good riddance! why?

Rob Lamothe, Greensboro