Murky public-private partnerships inspire skepticism

CORRECTION: Greensboro Downtown Greenway, LLC was organized under the management of Action Greensboro in 2007 as a for-profit entity, not in 2012 as a non-profit as originally reported. This column has been corrected. (4/16/2017; 9:23 A.M.) The recent news regarding several of Greensboro’s public-private partnerships has been disheartening. Greensboro’s Tanger Center for Performing Arts has been delayed by years and is currently $18 million over budget even before ground breaking. Private money supposedly spent on the Downtown Greensboro Greenway is ...


There is a reptilian alien species that has sent individuals to Earth. They have taken on human bodies, making them indistinguishable from real humans. Their intent is to take over the Earth; the clues are there for those who know where to look. Oh, Donald Trump is one of them. I use the above as an example of a story that some people might believe, though there is no concrete evidence. Thing is though, you can’t really disprove it. It ...

Greensboro’s authenticity transcends slogans

A Washington Post column last week described Greensboro bluntly as an “intersection of slapdash American city boulevards.” It derided Greensboro for no longer hosting NCAA regional basketball tournament games because of the Republican state legislature’s HB2—the bathroom bill—and sarcastically mocked that  “Greensboro still has a rabbit show.” Yes, we do. A few days before, Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim announced his pleasure that the ACC basketball tournament was not being played in Greensboro, its previous home of many years, ...


The Current Administration is taking us for a ride. It’s only been six weeks or so, but we’ve come a long way. Links are provided in the online version of this article. Let’s review the road markers along the way: — A Muslim travel ban which their own State Department acknowledges to be worthless, which they wanted enforced without guideline or regulation, leading to chaos: the handcuffing of a six-year-old boy and American citizens asked for their social media passwords ...

Why you must fight City Hall

A collaborative project aimed at bringing a robust parklets program to Downtown Greensboro fell apart two years ago when the combined weight of the city’s refusal to yield on fees for unmetered parking spaces and a council member’s vendetta against the leadership of DGI scuttled the initiative at the last minute. Now two years later, city staffers and downtown boosters are crowing about a handful of similar projects that, while possibly contributing to a healthier pedestrian and outdoor seating environment, lack ...
Deep Roots Market

Behind the changes at Deep Roots Market in Downtown Greensboro

If Deep Roots Market Cooperative were the proverbial cat with nine lives, one might say it has four down, five still in reserve.  It survived a financial crisis in 1982, another in 1991, again in 2002, and a tight situation over the past year.  Now, as Deep Roots approaches its 41st anniversary celebration next month, this community-owned business is looking towards a midlife resurgence. My YES! Weekly editor, knowing that I’m actively involved with Deep Roots, asked me to provide ...

Shake it up: Greensboro City Council Elections Getting Interesting – ...

Although the Greensboro City Council elections are nine months away, 2017 looks like it might be the year of the shake-up. After the last election, when every incumbent was reelected, new groups and candidates are organizing—early this time—a sign of dissatisfaction with the current council and of serious intentions to make some changes. Several candidates are ready to run and new groups are on the scene. Democracy Greensboro Democracy Greensboro informally began last fall with a handful of people at ...

Stay Uncomfortable

  I didn’t vote for him but we elected him. We, the people who live in this country. I’m a part of that We and nothing will convince me I’m not. This we-ness is a thing many factions on all sides would like us to forget, yet this we-ness is what makes a country a country. It allows us to learn and grow with each other; it brings us together in joy and sorrow. Staying angry is a discipline but ...

Greensboro Four Forever

Either way, the magnitude of what the Greensboro Four accomplished in 1960 is impossible to overstate. A documentary made in 2003 dramatizes the events for those of us too young to have lived through them. It should be required viewing in every school in the land.
VOICES-women's march

Washington D.C.’s Women’s March: A hub of pride and complexity

On Jan. 21, all seven continents of the world held marches in solidarity to send a message to the new Presidential administration that women and their communities will expect leaders to protect them and they will hold them accountable for damaging policies. I went to the heart of the gathering in Washington D.C. on Friday and Saturday. On Friday night, I and the rest of my group got the iconic pussy hats. I searched for where I could get some ...