The Arts


(Last Updated On: February 15, 2017)


If you’re looking for a thought-provoking production this week, you’re in luck. There are several performances that ask their audiences to immerse themselves in a story and contemplate the message within.

For starters, Triad Stage continues its production of Arthur Miller’s The Price this week through Sunday. In the intimate family drama, two brothers are reunited to settle their late father’s estate. But the reunion is one filled with regret and resentment. As the brother’s discuss their versions of the past—and their two very different lives—it becomes clear that there is always a price to pay for our decisions. Make a decision for yourself and it comes with guilt and isolation; abandon your own needs and base your choice on morality and pay the price with a life of lost dreams and resentment. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but what cost are you willing to pay?

Speaking of making decisions, Open Space Café Theatre will finish its run this week of a dark comedy, Company, in which a sworn bachelor weighs the pros and cons of marriage as he approaches his 35th birthday. The performance is a Stephen Sondheim musical.

As a side note, next week North Carolina A&T University challenges its audiences with an inspiring concert on the life and experiences of forgotten African-American composers, including music from the Antebellum Period through the Civil Rights Movement and modern times.

On a more light-hearted note, Friday through Feb. 26, Theatre Alliance continues its electric production of Rock of Ages, which includes the hits from such 80s rock bands as Pat Benatar, Journey, Poison and Bon Jovi. The musical, or rather rock concert, follows a wannabe rock star who must save a legendary venue from being turned into a strip mall.

Another fun production continuing its runs this week is Barn Dinner Theatre’s The Kitchen Witches , in which two competitive TV hosts are paired together for a dramatic cooking show that likens to Martha Stewart combined with Jerry Springer. Productions run this week through Feb. 26.

New this week is Helen Simoueau Dance’s 7th season kick-off with a co-screening of Mr. Gaga at A/perture Cinema on Thursday in Winston-Salem. The unique documentary tells the story of an internationally renowned choreographer who created “Gaga,” a form of dance.