by Lenise Willis

This week, theaters offer a variety of tales that honor Black History month.

For a play that’s traced with the wonders of Greek mythology, check out Greensboro College’s performance of Eurydice Wednesday through Sunday at the Annie Sellars Jordan Parlor Theatre. The play by Sarah Ruhl retells the myth of Orpheus but from the perspective of his wife, Eurydice, who must chose whether to return to Earth with Orpheus or stay in Hades with her father.

Lunch at the Piccadilly is still playing at the Hanesbrands Theatre through Sunday. The new musical is based on Clyde Edgerton’s novel and features a group of senior citizens who eventually revolt against the new nursing home management and even break into a rap song.

Now through Sunday High Point University Theatre presents True West at the Empty Space Theatre. It follows two sons of an alcoholic desert-dweller who clash over their film scripts — one a love story, the other a trashy Western — but only one will get produced.

Friday through Feb. 27, UNCG Theatre will perform the Shakespearean drama Pericles at Taylor Theatre. The epic world journey features Pericles who faces the dilemma of solving a king’s riddle — but Pericles knows that answering the riddle either correctly or incorrectly will ultimately cost him his life.

Theatre Alliance’s zany, yet dark musical comedy Eating Roul is still playing now through Sunday. Watch as a boring Hollywood couple drum up murderous ideas to help raise money for their restaurant.

Playing now until March 6 is Triad Stage’s production of The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy. The story begins when an African-American ex-con saves the life of an unwilling white professor. The two men are then led to a Harlem apartment where both hope and despair battle, and eventually the two lives are changed forever by the act of grace.

In honor of Black History month, Community Theatre of Greensboro presents Periphery, a play that celebrates the historic events surrounding the 1960 Woolworth’s Sit-In, at Broach Theatre. The play runs Friday through Sunday and contains multiple perspectives, fast-paced dialogue, humor, passion and historical significance.