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North Carolina Artists Nominated to Win Coveted National Art Award

Save the Arts on Saturday night

The Save the Arts Awards show is a red carpet event that will be held on Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro. Save the Arts Inc. is committed to acknowledging artists who have made major contributions to the art and design of our great nation by awarding painters, sculptors, architects and photographers with the coveted Save the Arts Award. The awards show will also provide another opportunity to increase the awareness of the arts culture from around the world and its vital importance in how it influences us all in our everyday lives.

Architect Phil Freelon, sculptor James Barnhill and painters Leo Rucker and Joe Bergeron, whose talents and creative vision have gained these North Carolina artists nominations, will represent the highest level of artistic creativity for our beautiful state well. The value that artistic contributions can bring to our nation is outstanding; especially in our economic development.

According to a study prepared by the NC Department of Commerce’s Policy, Research and Strategic Planning Division titled, “Creativity Means Business: Economic Contributions of North Carolina’s Creative Industry,” the creative industry in North Carolina accounts for nearly 300,000 jobs, more than 5.5 percent of the state’s workforce, with a market value of $41.4 billion. Save the Arts Awards can bring those committed to the arts in our local Triad community closer together and strengthen the Arts continued relevance to our economic development of our great state. The man that made this all come together, Rasheem Pugh, formerly of Scotch Plains, NJ, is an accomplished Grammy winning songwriter and producer.

Rasheem Pugh, founder of Save the Arts Inc., made Greensboro his new home due to North Carolina’s rich visual art history. Mr. Pugh has been a fan of visual arts and music as long as he can remember. He states that, “my passion for the arts led me to not only pursue a Grammy award-winning career in the music industry but also ownership in Unique Home Art Gallery located in Scotch Plains.”

Save the Arts, Inc. desires to bridge the gap between art communities to create ONE great art community. Mr. Pugh believes that now is the time to celebrate our passion, our love, and for some of us our livelihood, so other’s can appreciate and understand the value of artistic contributions to the beauty of this world. In 1967, the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources, was the nation’s first cabinet level state agency for the arts. In keeping with the reputation of being a state of “firsts”, Save the Arts, Inc. chose Greensboro to host the First Annual Save the Arts Awards Show.

Cali Pearl Financial and the Marshall Art Gallery are among the 26 Triad businesses that are supporters and sponsors of this esteemed awards show. On behalf of the Save the Arts Steering committee, Mr. Pugh, Cali Pearl Financial and our other contributing sponsors, we would be honored to have you attend the Save the Arts Awards Show that will be held on March 20, 2010 in Greensboro at the Carolina Theatre.