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Health Inspector Scam Reaches Guilford County

An apparent national scam involving individuals posing as restaurant health inspectors has reached Guilford County. A local restaurant was contacted by phone by a person posing as a health inspector. The inspector who identified himself as James Sedric was calling to verify his “appointment” to inspect the restaurant. The restaurant contacted Guilford County Department of Public Health Food and Lodging Supervisor, James Priddy, questioning this con tact as inspections are not scheduled with the restaurant. Priddy verified that this call did not come from a Health Department inspector and reported the incident to Environmental Health Program Manager, Tobin Shepherd.

“The important reminder for all food service establishments in Guilford County is that inspections of your facilities for grading purposes are unannounced,” states Shepherd. “We are asking that any calls or emails received from someone saying he or she is a health inspector and is calling to verify an inspection appoint ment, be reported to the Health Department as soon as possible,” urges Shepherd.

“This may be the objective; to extort money by using public health authority,” said Shepherd. “We do not impose fines during inspections. We are there to ensure the facility is safe for food consumption, provide education to food handlers and post a grade for the public.”

To contact the Guilford County Department of Public Health about this inspection scam, contact James Priddy at 336.641.7680 or