press release


Local Harley-Davidson’® dealership maintains it’s commitment to its customers and local charities.

Mark Wheelihan, president of Wheelihan Motor Company, announced today he will be consolidating its three Harley-Davidson’® dealership locations, Greensboro, High Point and Reidsville, into one centralized location in Greensboro. Harley-Davidson’® of High Point will be consolidated on Tuesday,. Wolf Creek Harley-Davidson in Reidsville will be consolidated on Oct. 19. The consolidation of the satellite locations into one main dealership will result in three main objectives: (1) Ensuring that Harley-Davidson’® of Greensboro maintains its ability to continue servicing customers in its territory; (2) Right-sizing the business to the current market conditions; (3) Ensuring that Harley-Davidson’® of Greensboro maintains its ability to continue its charitable work through support and contributions to assist the local community.

The decision to consolidate operations, due to the effects of the severe recession, is not unlike recent actions taken by Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Over the past two years Harley-Davidson has consolidated its production operations to effectively adjust to the current economic environment.

Harley-Davidson’® of Greensboro is committed to continuing its support of the motorcycle community and local charitable organizations. It will continue to operate the Motorcycle Park located next door.

Mark states, “Cutting back on events, client services and charity work is not an option for me. These principals speak to my desire to be a participant in the community, rather than someone who feeds off of the community which goes against the core of who I am. Losing these principles would mean losing what I consider to be one of the great benefits of being in this business in a community that I love.”

Mark goes on to explain, “This consolidation will ensure the health and ability of Harley-Davidson’® of Greensboro to continue to effectively service its territory and the Harley-Davidson’® of Greensboro family long term. It is important for all of our loyal customers to know that this will not change any of the services that we currently provide. We as a business will continue to take care of our customers and our local community. This is not just a business to me, it is my heart and soul, and I feel strongly about preserving the Harley-Davidson’® lifestyle and what it means to me.”