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Foothills Brewing Acquires Popular Beer Brands from Carolina Beer & Beverage

Foothills Brewing of Winston-Salem has acquired the beer division of Mooresville’s Carolina Beer & Beverage, including the company’s equipment, trademarks and brands. Among the dozen beer brands acquired by Foothills Brewing are those within the highly popular Carolina Blonde and Cottonwood Ales lines.

“I personally have tremendous respect for Foothills Brewing,” John Stritch, president of Carolina Beer & Beverage, said. “We started out as a small microbrewery in 1997 and have nurtured the brewing and distribution growth of our Carolina Blonde and Cottonwood Ales brands since day one. I wouldn’t entrust the brewing and ownership of our brands to just anyone, but I have complete confidence in Foothills Brewing.”

All other ownership and operational aspects of Carolina Beer & Beverage will remain unchanged. There will be no loss of jobs at Carolina Beer & Beverage, and Foothills Brewing will continue to produce all brands currently offered by Carolina Beer Company.

“We’ve known John and the beer team at Carolina Beer & Beverage for years and have the utmost admiration for their finely crafted beers and bottling facility,” Jamie Bartholomaus, president and brewmaster of Foothills Brewing, said. “Their beverage bottling business has grown immensely in recent years, and they had a desire to spin off the beer brewing part of the business so that they could focus purely on the continued success of beverage bottling. At the same time, we’re growing our beer brewing and distribution capacity at Foothills.”

“One of the main benefits of our company’s acquisition of Carolina Beer Company’s assets is an improvement in the economies of scale for our company,” Matt Masten, CFO of Foothills Brewing, said. “As a result of the acquisition and production expansion, we’ll probably hire 10 additional sales and production employees during the next year.

“Our plan is to continue growing the draft business for Foothills’ brands, but we also will start a bottling program of our existing brands at some point in the next year or so.”

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