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Ralph Amoroso: Baking is Life


A new bakery opened Sept. 21 just off College Road in Greensboro, Amoroso’s Bakery.

The shop is located at 5803 Hunt Club Road and is the second of Ralph Amoroso’s bakeries. His first store opened in High Point in 2010.
“We’ve been there (High Point) for six years and grew quite a bit and it was busting at the seams,” said Amoroso. “I decided we need a bigger space. I’ve designed this particular location to have a big kitchen so it can handle some more stuff.

“We just want to give what the community wants. That’s my biggest thing. I was born and lived in New Jersey until I was like 12-years-old. Every little town had its own bakery and that’s what we want to be, a neighborhood bakery.”

Coming from a big Italian family, Amoroso uses a lot of his grandmother’s recipes for his products. They sell sweets from cupcakes to nine inch cakes. Over the past year, his business has sold 60,000 cupcakes and 7,000 nine inch cakes.

“Strawberry red velvet is by far the number one seller,” said Amoroso. “When it comes to the strawberry red velvet, people would say, ‘Oh, I’ve had that before,’ and we’d say ‘This is strawberry red velvet’ and once they’ve tasted it, they said ‘oh my god.’”

The bakery also caters to events such as weddings and parties. Amoroso also values the flexibility of his business. If someone wants something the bakery does not have, he wants to adopt a recipe that can accommodate that desire.

“If we can do it, we’ll do it.”

Amoroso made the store to be a community-type place along with his co-owner, Angie McIntosh. Having worked in architecture in the past, Amoroso built the tables, countertops and décor of the store’s interior out of parts of a barn that was going to be torn down. The barn belonged to his best friend and family.

“We all grew up here, we see how it’s changed over the years and stuff,” said Amoroso. “I just want to come back home and let people know that we’re here and for them to come and enjoy it.”