Residents Speak Out for Sanctuary status and present sample resolution

Dozens of area residents are expected to show up at the City Council Meeting tonight, Tuesday Jan 17 at 7pm to request that the City of Winston-Salem become an official Sanctuary City during public commentary portion. This is expected to be a several-week long discussion with the city and we will be requesting that our resolution be put on the official agenda in future meetings for consideration.

ENDORSEMENTS (We are expecting several more endorsements in the upcoming days and we will be getting petition signatures over the next several weeks to raise community awareness and support): American Friends Service Committee, Office of the Carolinas; Community Mosque of Winston-Salem; El Cambio; Ministers Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity; North Carolina Green Party; Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ); Triad Central Labor Council; Winston-Salem International Socialist Organization (ISO); Winston-Salem United Against Hate; Winston-Salem United for Racial Justice; Working America

Over the past decade America has seen unprecedented immigration sweeps dividing families and communities. These sweeps did nothing to bring back jobs or end poverty and only created misery and fear. Newly-Elected President Trump has promised even more massive concentrated immigration sweeps within the first 100 days. He has also promised institutionalizing increased scrutiny of Muslims based upon racism and indiscriminate targeting. Trump’s rhetoric and policy has emboldened hate crimes and bullying of these communities and anyone who stands up for them. We must Stand Together as a community to present our petition and ask that our City Council declare Winston-Salem an official Sanctuary City. An Injury to One is an Injury to ALL.

We will ask for the city to adopt similar language to the resolution below:

Numerous cities across the U.S. have put out statements promising that Trump’s deportation agenda of threat and intimidation will not be aided and abetted by local law enforcement, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, to name just a few. The Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, who gained naturalization after growing up the child of undocumented U.S. residents, reassured his constituency of the city’s commitment to the safety and integrity of the community. It is in the long-term ethical and humanistic interest of the municipality of Winston Salem to stand with other sanctuary cities and guarantee all its residents that their contributions to the community will be valued and their families protected.

As such, the signatories call on the city of Winston-Salem to affirm its commitment to the following principles of civil liberties:

– That the city of Winston-Salem ensure the civil liberties of all persons and enforce protection from discrimination on the basis of race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, immigration status, religious or political opinion or activity, or homed or homeless status;
– That the city of Winston-Salem refuse the profiling of groups within its community in the selection of individuals, check points or areas to investigate;
– That the city of Winston-Salem not extend its response to drivers who cannot show a valid license beyond the relevant operator’s citation;
– That the city of Winston-Salem not collect, keep or distribute information about any individual or group based exclusively on their political, religious or social affiliations and professed beliefs; and
– That the city of Winston-Salem not actively participate in carrying out the dictates of federal immigration law to the extent that it runs counter to constitutional and international human rights.