Yes! Weekly - Editorial Wed, 23 Apr 14 00:00:00 -0700 en hourly 1 Bravo for cell phone towers Bravo for cell phone towers
Council members extemporized eloquently as they bequeathed honors on a number of parties, all worthy, including the endearing Tiny Indians cadet football team, the dignified ladies of the Kappa Alpha Kappa Sorority, the late intrepid arts supporter Copey Hanes, and dedicated city employees who retired in 2013....]]>
When true culprits go free When true culprits go free
Twenty-three years after the brutal murder of 7-year-old Shalonda Poole, the Greensboro police finally found their man. Donald Preston Ferguson was even facing charges in South Carolina at the time of the crime for the 1989 rape of a 10-year-old girl, the News & Record....]]>
Business progressivism resurrected Business progressivism resurrected
No, take that back. These are strange times for us to find it incongruous that a Republican governor and Democratic president would find common cause in celebrating an initiative with promise to aid the constituents they share in common....]]>
A new depth to blanket forts A new depth to blanket forts
The dapper birthday boy, wearing a bow tie and a handknit crown, couldn’t have looked happier as he ran the length of a gigantic blanket fort at Glenwood Coffee & Books. A knot of friends in tow, including one dressed as a ninja turtle, he shrieked with delight and released untied balloons to zoom around the room....]]>
Tale of two governors Tale of two governors
Fifty years ago this month, President Lyndon Johnson declared a “war on poverty,” telling the nation in his 1964 inauguration: “Unfortunately, many Americans live on the outskirts of hope — some because of their poverty, and some because of their color, and all too many because of both....]]>
2014: A growth year for Triad cities 2014: A growth year for Triad cities
Happy new year, and welcome 2014! Yes, the state of North Carolina has turned crimson red (and not the radical left kind), while the cities are ever more bastions of blue. The change has been underway since 2010, but consolidated in 2013, when the GOP took control of the executive branch and both legislative houses of state government....]]>
Peace on earth Peace on earth
Almost a century ago, during the fabled Christmas truce of 1914, German and British soldiers on the Western Front suspended hostilities, in some instances in defiance of their commanders’ authority, ventured between enemy lines where they sang carols together, exchanged gifts and even played friendly games of soccer....]]>
Change is hard Change is hard
A proposal by AT&T and a company that operates cell-phone transmission towers has been wending its way towards city council for months. Having cleared a crucial hurdle through a vote before the City-County Planning Board, the proposed ordinance change finally made an appearance before the city council’s general government committee last week....]]>
Medicaid: Don’t break the fix Medicaid: Don’t break the fix
The first significant hurdle for McCrory’s reform drive was an analysis released last month by the NC General Assembly’s fiscal research division undermining claims by the governor and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos......]]>
Surprise us, High Point Surprise us, High Point
A betting person could safely wager that council members and other decision-makers will not be falling over themselves to implement the plan, which was developed by Miami urban planner Andres Duany....]]>
Pressure on Winston’s west side Pressure on Winston’s west side
To be fair, it wasn’t much of a decision. The developer already had the required commercial zoning and a site plan ready to go from 1998 that would have allowed them to build an unattractive grocery store in a strip-mall layout. The zoning request allowed them to update their plan to incorporate contemporary aesthetics....]]>
The moderate’s awkward two-step The moderate’s awkward two-step
As US Sen. Kay Hagan watches her poll numbers drop in concert with the mounting troubles in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the Democratic incumbent is seeking to put distance between herself and President Obama in a way that must make the party faithful wince....]]>
YES! Weekly: The next phase YES! Weekly: The next phase
Brian brought a barroom raconteur’s spirit to the job, with a tireless drive towards networking with the artists, mayors, entrepreneurs and street people who color the landscape in our three cities. His ability to draw out sources through moxie and warmth set the standard here....]]>
Teacher walk-ins Teacher walk-ins
Teachers in North Carolina aren’t allowed to walk out of their classrooms — or form unions, or hold strikes, or participate in any organized activity that applies pressure from the labor end of the equation. Our state is one of just five in the nation that prohibits teachers’ unions....]]>
The October Surprise The October Surprise
boro political spending, make a sort of sense: Perkins is running citywide, while Matheny’s race is limited to one of five districts. But one must speculate as to why a real estate cabal wants those two specific councilmembers to retain their seats, and....]]>
Greensboro City Council Endorsements Greensboro City Council Endorsements
The 2009 Greensboro City Council election was about backlash against racial issues with our police department and the country’s first black president, fueled by a tsunami of conservativism in this state that would eventually work up enough steam to take over both houses of our General Assembly for the first time since the 19th century....]]>
Winston-Salem City Council Endorsements Winston-Salem City Council Endorsements
This election was largely decided in the primary considering that voter registration in most wards skews heavily Democratic. In two wards, the winners were actually chosen in the primary because one or another party did not field candidates....]]>
Our annual rant Our annual rant
In last week’s Greensboro primary, turnout edged just past 8 percent — fewer than 16,000 ballots cast in a city of 275,000. Pathetic, even lower than 2011, when just 11 percent turned out to winnow down the candidates who will have more control over our day-to-day lives than any other elected officials....]]>
Lawyering up Lawyering up
At a hastily called press conference on the last day in September — one in which he did not take questions from reporters — Gov. Pat McCrory characterized the lawsuit filed against his state by the US Justice Department as an “overreach.” In a joint statement Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Majority Leader Thom Tillis called the lawsuit “baseless....]]>
Greensboro City Council primary endorsements Greensboro City Council primary endorsements
Frankly, we’re not thrilled with our options in the Greensboro City Council primary this year. We would ideally like to see strong candidates in every race, reliable and viable choices for representation on the Greensboro City Council. There are a few major exceptions — we’ll get to that later....]]>
The lowdown in High Point The lowdown in High Point
Last week, three council members — Ward 5’s Jim Davis, Judy Mendenhall from Ward 3 and Jason Ewing of Ward 6 — called for the resignation of Mayor Bernita Sims and Ward 2 Councilman Foster Douglas. Former mayor and current At-large representative Becky Smothers called only for Sims’ resignation....]]>
Starved for attention Starved for attention
If you were looking in to the Piedmont Triad from the outside, you might think things were going pretty well....]]>
Amnesia in the at-large race Amnesia in the at-large race
Last week, local news and culture website Avant Greensboro, a site we follow and admire, ran a long Q&A with At- Large Councilwoman Marikay Abuzuaiter, who is running for re-election this year....]]>
Election officials who don’t care for voters Election officials who don’t care for voters
The proposed and enacted measures in the Republican efforts to change voting laws, in concert with the crusading ideologues appointed to control local elections boards across the state, make it plain that the thrust of the changes is to deter and......]]>
Roy buys a Rhino Roy buys a Rhino
To be even more frank, we were amazed it took so long. It’s a natural for a guy like Roy Carroll — a man who perhaps feels he’s been treated unfairly by the local press and is old enough to remember the old adage about picking fights with guys who buy ink by the barrel — to want to own a newspaper....]]>
No food for the hungry No food for the hungry
NC FAST — North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology — is a statewide program that bundles social services, helping poor people get access to healthcare, employment services and food....]]>
Talk is cheap Talk is cheap
US District Court Judge Catherine Eagles’ ruling last month denying a new trial to Kalvin Michael Smith, a black man convicted of brutally beating a white store clerk following a thoroughly botched investigation by the Winston-Salem Police Department, came like a punch in the gut to those who care about justice and equal treatment under the law....]]>
Steamrolled Steamrolled
It would be impossible in this space to list every atrocity visited upon us by the people elected to do business in our names: damage to the education and healthcare sectors that will take a generation to undo, a regressive taxing scheme that that......]]>
On the cover of the Rolling Stone On the cover of the Rolling Stone
There he is, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, leaning against the wall, his moppish hair atussle, with his anime eyes and a scruffy suggestion of a beard, looking a little like a young Jim Morrison or Donovan, maybe a forgotten Jonas Brother, on the cover of Rolling Stone....]]>
Alston’s gambit Alston’s gambit
The vehicle for Altson’s leverage, councilmembers said, was the Simkins PAC, the influential east Greensboro PAC that has ushered the political careers of many black — and white — Greensboro politicians. And with a tough election coming up, it’s not too hard to figure out who felt they needed Alston’s support to win....]]>