ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder


Political rappers are a rare breed, even now in our most divisive of times, but Immortal Technique has enough to say to speak for an entire movement. Not only has he been one of the strongest and most cogent supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but his firebrand political message has taken the one-mind-at-a-time approach since his first album dropped in the days following 9-11. “We’re willing to put [Obama’s] second term on the altar of democracy and sacrifice it if we need to,” he told recently, revealing a disdain for partisan politics. With the ability to weave dense rhyme schemes out of an encyclopedic knowledge of history, politics and culture, his mic skills are the stuff of legend and widely considered to be unmatched in hip hop. He’s coming to Greensboro this Friday to play Greene Street Club, and YES! Weekly in cooperation with Progressive Music Group are giving away a pair of tickets to see him perform. To enter, just Tweet “I want to see Immortal Technique on 11/4 at Greene Street! @progressivelive @yesweekly #occupygsc.” We’ll pick a winner at random. Easy. IM will be joined by ex-Purple Ribbon All-Star Killer Mike, Veteran Assassins, Genghis Khan, and N’DangR Species. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door.


The idea of the deserted-island record comes up for everyone at some point. If you had to be stranded from civilization with only one piece of music to hear, what would it be? Never mind the question of what to play it on and how to power these devices; willing suspen sion of disbelief is a necessity. If the answer to that is Doolittle by the Pixies, the band themselves can relate. They have been on that same deserted island for the last two years, playing Doolittle from front to back in observance of its 20th anniversary on just about every habitable continent for two years. It’s an undeniable classic from a band that was a heavy influence on Nirvana, born from Black Francis’s obsession with surrealism and Old Testament legends, and it offers something new with almost every listen. The Lost Cities leg of Doolittle tour comes to Greensboro at the War Memorial Auditorium on Tuesday, Nov. 8, but expect a few surprises. “Gigantic” and “Where Is My Mind?” are etched into the setlist, but the band members have been taking turns picking the rest of the encore, including the slower UK Surf version of “Wave of Mutilation” among them. Tickets for the show are $39.50 and $49.50 and the show starts at 8 p.m. with indie rockers Surfer Blood.


Sometimes good jazz just gets confused for jam-band music.

Medeski Martin & Wood have dealt with that since opening up for Phish early in their career, but the Brooklyn trio does bring all of the elements of a great jam band: ridiculous chops, a deep groove and mind-bending experimentation. But giving their music a closer listen reveals direct influences of Ornette Coleman, Fela Kuti, Chick Corea, Arsenio Rodriquez and any number of other titans of sub-jazz. The trio will come to Ziggy’s on Tuesday, Nov. 8 to perform a pair of sets, the first of which is an all-request extravaganza, so if you’re dying to hear “Hypnoitze” like a friend of mine is, you’ll have everyone you know post it on their Facebook wall. Tickets are $20 in advance and the show starts at 9 p.m.