ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder


Buried amidst Sebastian Bach’s discography of mostly aboveaverage radio metal and aborted prog, there’s one album that very nearly never saw the light of day, but nonetheless stands apart in its own weird way. To say that the Last Hard Men was an unlikely supergroup would be accurate, but the motley crew of Bach, Smashing Pumpkin’s Jimmy Chamberlain, the Breeder’s Kelley Deal and the Frog’s Jimmy Flemion possessed a strange kind of chemistry. Deal and Bach’s overlaid vocals have an almost otherworldly quality on the album’s acoustic-based, pop-leaning tracks, and each player is given a chance to play what they want to play, be it samba, metal or Breeders-inspired alt-rock. Surprisingly enough, it’s Bach’s production that glues it all together. So when Bach comes to Ziggy’s tonight, instead of yelling out “18 to Life,” make it “Spider Love.” He’ll know what you mean. Tickets for the the show are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, with music at 8 p.m. by Jonas Sees In Color.


Like a “Payback” for the post-Katrina era, the titular song of Ivan Neville’s Big Easy deep funk unit Dumpstaphunk is a beastly calland-response number that’s all about letting go of aggression. Got a parking ticket? Put it in the dumpsta. Laid off work or cop stole your weed? Put it in the dumpsta — figuratively that is. Ivan’s band is a gritty and raw as his pops Aaron’s music is trim and soulful, channeling the psychedelic sound of Parliament-Funkadelic rather than the slick grooves of their progenitors the Meters. Along with players like’  Trombone Shorty and Big Sam Williams, Neville’s band is a part of the second wave of New Orleans funk, that blends the musicianship of classic funk with the aggressive self-assurance of hip hop. They’ll be in action at the Blind Tiger this Saturday with Asheville funkanauts Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band in support. Tickets are $12 and the music starts at 10 p.m.


Forget being an influential proponent of the ultra-lo-fi recording style or having a fan base that could qualify you for religious tax exemption; a person can feel pretty secure in their pop-culture legacy once they’ve inspired a meme. John Darnielle can boast of all of these qualities. The prolific Durham-based indie rocker’s career is well documented, but it’s really as of yet undetermined from where in the online ether his meme — crops of Darnielle’s mildly disheveled mug staring blankly and disembodied hand pointing straight at you, accompanied by any of his most perplexing lyrics — actually originated. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone said that it was Mountain Goats drummer Jon Wurster (who probably deserves his own meme) trolling Tom Scharpling’s Best Show forums under multiple usernames, throwing up the jpegs every time someone makes a backhanded reference to cocaine. But I digress. If you’re still reading this, see you at the Mountain Goats show! They’re playing The Blind Tiger this Friday with hypnotic Portland trio Nurses in support. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door, with the music starting at 10 p.m.