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by Ryan Snyder

ryan’s forecast

upcoming shows you should check out

Jamie Foxx: Red’ to go and gon’ Rock yo worldI got an e-mail promoting the Jamie Foxx tour that’s coming through theGreensboro Coliseum on July 19 and among a staggering number of clichédsuperlatives attributed to Foxx, the headline was also quite fascinating. Itimmediately referred to Foxx as “the king of All Media” and not only that, but itplaced the word “undisputed” directly in front of “king.” Now, there have beena whole heap of celebrity deaths in the last few weeks, but I definitely don’tremember Howard stern being one of them. Unless Foxx threw stern a firstround knockout in some underground celebrity fight club where these kinds ofthings are decided, then the king of All Media is still the king of All Media. sirius/XM is paying him the GDP of a small country to claim that title and even Foxx’sown channel The Foxxhole doesn’t have near the draw. In his defense, Foxx doeshave Ray (his second best performance in a production with three letters andstarts with R, lest we forget his recurring character in Roc), In Living Color and abunch of awards for “Best Ringtone” under his belt. Then there was that jingoisticdreck The Kingdom, which gets no snaps and a haaated it. For anyone interestedin hearing some of Foxx’s ringtone hits performed live (it’s not a comedy touras others in the area have mistakenly reported), his show starts at 7:30 p.m. andtickets are $49.75 and $59.75.
Steep canyon Rangers and fringe musicOnly in the world of chamber music would a rather innocuous anduncomplicated act like the steep Canyon Rangers ( bebilled as a “fringe” performance, but that’s how the eastern Music Festival framesits eMFfringe lineup. With such avant-garde acts as Holy Ghost Tent Revival andthe Chris Hicks Band already in the books, the festival takes the next step intothe outer limits of musical exploration with the Rangers. Festival branding issuesaside, the five-piece steep Canyon Rangers will take Greensboro’s Triad stage onsaturday, and are a must-see for any fans of bluegrass, old-time and string music.They don’t have the clout of vets like the Del McCoury Band or Ralph stanley,and as such they’re consistently criminally underrated, but they can certainlypick with any of the heavyweights. They were nominated for two InternationalBluegrass Music awards in last year, including “Album of the Year” for Lovin’Pretty Women, and were named “emerging Artist of the Year” in 2006 at the IBMAawards. They have been regularly featured on the Grand Ole Opry, as well as justabout every major Us bluegrass and Americana festival. The Rangers’ show willstart at 8 p.m. and tickets are $22, but don’t forget the after-party at level 2.
The Belleville outfit play the garageEveryone needs a vacation sometimes and apparently, even the same goesfor entire live music venues. The Garage is back from its week-long sabbaticaland right out of the gates they have another in their “Catch a Rising star” series.You may have caught them at the midnight jam at the 2009 MerleFest, but thefantastic, up-and-coming Americana band the Belleville Outfit ( will also take the stage on July 21 at the Garage. They’verecently garnered a nomination for “Best New and emerging Artist” for the 2009Americana Music Awards and there’s kind of a cool story to go along with that.The band’s stunning vocalist and violinist Phoebe Hunt went off to announcethe nominees for the AMA’s “song of the Year” alongside famed mandolinistsam Bush and came back with an envelope of their own; the one with theirnomination in it. They’re not quite bluegrass and not quite country, but a little ofboth with some swing, cabaret and ragtime thrown in for good measure. Ticketsfor the show are $10 and the performance starts at 9 p.m. The band will also beappearing at Raleigh’s Berkley Café the night before at 8 p.m.