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by Ryan Snyder

ryan’s forecast

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Ecological awareness, sustainability education and, oh yeah, an awesome lineup of music. That’s what Music on the Mountaintop continues to offer in its second installment. Taking place in Boone at the Old State Fairgrounds on Saturday, the single-day, jam band-heavy festival has partnered with a bundle of eco-friendly non-profits to form another great reason to sit in the sun surrounded by breathtaking scenery and listen to great music all day. This year’s festival is headlined by the incomparable one-man band Keller Williams (www., who doesn’t, in fact, have a house to sell you. He’ll close the day out on the main stage and will be preceded by mandolin, New Grass and St. Louis Cardinals aficionado Sam Bush ( Acoustic Syndicate (, who have had about six reunions in the last five years it seems, rounds out the top three on the bill. Throw in the Steep Canyon Rangers, and this year’s festival has a heavy lean towards acoustic string music. The festival’s three solar- and wind-powered stages will have music starting just before noon and all will run until the late afternoon, with the main stage rocking until midnight. There will surely bee after-parties galore, given that it is Boone after all. Tickets are $45 for the public and $40 for students and Saturday night camping tickets must be purchased separately, which are $6 each.


If you’re addicted to caffeine, tasty pastries and live shows by unsigned bands, then you can pretty much live in the Green Bean for a few days this week. They’ve booked a ridiculous amount of talent over three nights starting Thursday with the odd combination of throwbacks Pistolero ( and art nouveau rockers Silver Hill Mine (www.myspace. com/silverhillmine), though this show is of particular interest as YES! Weekly will be registering voters this night. Friday’s lineup bears a little more cohesion, with the unruly Colossus ( and their equally loud and cantankerous cohorts the Mishaps ( sharing the stage. The weekend culminates in a long night of music and comedy on Saturday, as Summer Camp Casanova’s Erik Chaplinski steps up to the bar to do his stand-up comedy routine. He’s followed by experimentalist Chuck Chambers and his “pseudo-pretentious” project Kaleidoscope Death ( and WUAG DJ T. Lee’s electro-acoustic amalgamation Casual Curious ( That’s a whole lot of coffee drinking to be done in three days, so please note that the line at the restrooms begins at the door. The music starts at 8 p.m. each night and cover is a cash donation of your choosing.


Remember when a large contingent of Widespread Panic fans spoiled by the Golden Era of Michael Houser were screaming for the head of replacementguitarist George McConnell? After a short but sweet honeymoon, there was a good three years worth of “His ‘Hatfield’ solo sounds too grungy,” “Why’s he standing up when he plays? Mikey never did” or, “How come his hair isn’t covering his face?” Well, they got what they wanted in 2006, when Jimmy Herring was announced as the new lead guitarist, which frankly would be a step up for any band. So whatever happened to McConnell? While many of his detractors could give a damn, McConnell is out touring with his new backing band, the Rockin’ Teen Combo, and will be playing a pair of shows in North Carolina this week. McConnell and his band will hit the Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh on Thursday before heading to the Philosopher’s Stone Tavern in Charlotte on Saturday. McConnell and his band will be supported by guest Waylandsphere