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by Ryan Snyder

ryan’s forecast

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You did not just fall asleep and wake up in 1994; it’s 2009 and the Stone Temple Pilots and the Meat Puppets are on tour together once again. Somewhere, some 17-year-old is looking at that lineup with the same kind of ridicule that I had when Ted Nugent and Night Ranger came through the area in the late ’90s. After years on hiatus for both bands, it looks like they’re already back to doing the huge arena gigs. They’ll play together (STP and the Puppets, not the Nuge and the Range) at the Greensboro Coliseum’s Special Events Center on Wednesday, Oct. 7 and with STP’s front man and the Meat Puppets guitarist reportedly clean, mixed feelings about the potential quality of the show are understandable. Everyone knows that there’s a direct correlation between the kick-assedness of second-tier grunge bands and their level of substance abuse. Weiland is still suffering from an unmedicated, raging bi-polar disorder, so the potential for drama is still high. Just one programming note: Jet is currently billed as the supporting act, but all indications point to this being at least partially inaccurate. It’s not mentioned on their website, which says that they’re soon to be touring with Papa Roach. There’s no mention of the Meat Puppets in the show’s news release, but it is listed on their site. Tickets for the night are $40 and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.


Somewhere between the Mongolian Death Worm and the Mothman in the cryptozoological bestiary exists a mention of the monkeywhale, an animal native only to the Greensboro area that exists primarily within the internet and a house near downtown Greensboro. It will be making a rare appearance at a pair of local music venues for this coming weekend only, as the Save the Monkeywhale festival ( will showcase some of the best under-the-radar bands that North Carolina has to offer. Starting at Solaris on Thursday, the combination of Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Eating the Invaders and Asheville’s Now You See Them will kick off the festival before it moves to the Blind Tiger the next two nights. Greensboro art-rockers Filthybird and shoegazers Citified jump right off the bill for Friday, but Chapel Hill’s the Never are touring behind a concept album that’s drawing great reviews. The final night may be the most anticipated of them all, as Saturday brings five bands that could all headline their own show. The Martha Bassett Band, Bruce Piephoff, Sam Frazier ( and especially Stephaniesid are all fantastic performers, but the Alcazar Hotel might be the best of them all. They’ll be joined by special guest Katherine Whalen of the Squirrel Nut Zippers for a fitting end to a great weekend. Oh, and there’s one more. You know the Avett Brothers? Their father Jim Avett will also be showing up for a gig Saturday night, but don’t get any crazy ideas. The brothers themselves will be in Louisiana that night. Tickets for each night are $7 in advance and $10 at the door.


Someone’s going to get beat down at Greene Street this Friday night, but it’s going to happen through wax flipping and button pushing. Sixteen producers and DJs will compete for a cash prize at the third installment of the Dirty South BeatDown, with a separate competition between four MCs. The best part of it all? I’ll be one of the judges. Just having come from the Trinumeral Festival only a few weeks ago, I’m feeling especially studied in the art of beat creation. While I undoubtedly have my own preferences — cough dubstep cough instrumental hip hop cough — my fellow judges will certainly have their own. Joining me is JJ the Jenius of Iconoclast Studios and Seven, the two-time Super Cypher MC Battle Champ. One of us will be a callous jerk; one of us will be a good-natured drunk; and one of us will use the word “dawg” a lot. Who’s who is still up in the air, however. The night will be hosted by Ed E. Ruger and ethemadassassin, along with special guest performers Kotix and Scottie Flippen with DJ Phillie Phresh on the turntables. The beats start at 9:30 p.m. and tickets are $8.