Ryan’s Forecast

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2010)

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


Blue-eyed soul meets blueblood folk once again. James Taylor’s tour with Carol King comes to Charlotte tonight at Time Warner Cable Arena for his only North Carolina stop. Guess he doesn’t have Carolina on his mind quite as much as he used to. Their Troubadour Reunion tour celebrates the 40 th anniversary of their first performance together in November 1970 at the Troubadour, the launching place for such artists as Tom Waits and Elton John. The North American leg of the tour, which includes the Charlotte show for the non-geography majors, incorporates a stage design that includes intimate nightclub-style seating for an incredible premium of $750 per pair. $275 of that ticket price goes to charity, however. How nice of JT to donate your money to a good cause for you. They do include free booze, so it’s not too hard to get your money’s worth. For the plebeians who can’t afford to can’t afford that kind of jack, regular tickets run from $39.50 to $117 and the show starts at 8 p.m.


Festival season is in full swing and though this one doesn’t exactly have a noble cause propelling it like Mountain Aid (other than the pursuit of a really good time), it’s still highly worthy of consideration. The 4 th Annual GroverFest is going down in Davidson this weekend and this year, they’ve expanded into Sunday. Not that the music didn’t already practically carry over into Sunday as it was, but when you wake up at noon and it’s 1,000 degrees in your tent, at least you’ll have Incognito Mosquito to greet you. Starting with a Friday afternoon set by Charlotte jazz-rockers Case Federal & the Agents (, Friday is headlined by acoustic folksters-cum-electric the New Familiars before the long night ahead starts. Southern rockers From A Seed ( and Matter of Fact (myspace. com/matteroffactnc) take it to the wee hours, as funk fusionists Actual Proof ( literally plays until 4:20 a.m. Not sure if there’s any further significance to that bit of information, however. Saturday offers both a pre-and post-midnight set by the Mantras, as once again, the night ends precisely at 4:20 with Yesterday’s Gravy (www.myspace. com/yesterdaysgravy1). Tickets for the weekend are $45 and include camping. Children’s tickets are free. For more details, visit


Party on the Plank kicks off in downtown High Point for a summer of food, art and incongruous musical pairings. Why it’s called that, however, isn’t exactly clear. Starting this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the downtown High Point Library parking lot, Party on the Plank offers the Part Time Party Band — a 10-piece, uniformed and slightly cheesy beach music outfit — and A Touch of Class, a funk band from Charleston that is in no way related to the short-lived German pop band from the early 2000s. Future acts include country singer Katelyn Marks and reggae band Crucial Fiyah, both from Winston-Salem, and the John Coltrane Jazz & Blues Night. Coltrane won’t he there, however. He’s dead. Tickets for the event are only two bucks for everyone 10 and up. For more information, visit