ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


Not sure what can really be said about seeing a Meth and Red show that hasn’t already been said; their show at Greene Street Club on Saturday will be an exquisite blend of subtle comedy, stoner rap, classic hip-hop gems and a thoroughly intoxicating atmosphere for sheezy. They’re getting up there in age, but the overall body of work is still as good as that of anyone. They both have new material out/in limbo, and the stuff from Blackout and Blackout 2 is good, but most are coming to hear the solo nuggets from Tical and Muddy Waters. They still do ’em, along with some random Wu Tang and occasional EPMD, but by the time they get around to it, you’ll be so blitzed from the contact buzz that you wouldn’t know if they were doing the Fat Boys’ “Are You Ready for Freddy?” And you know what? It’s gonna be awesome. There’s no better chance than this show to get a primer on local/regional hip hop, as you can get there early to get tenderized by the some of North Carolina’s finest acts. DJs SK and Ev of Jukebox Heroes and DJ Phillie Phresh spin to open the night, and you’ll have a chance to see why emcee Afika Nx is making noise. Greensboro duo Illpo bring their own crowds, and A. Moss reps Charlotte with juice. Super group Stereogram comes to town from the Triangle and Ed E. Ruger & the Iconoclast Crew flip it between some gangsta flow and stanky dubstep beats. Tickets are $32 in advance and $35 at the door, which opens at 8 p.m.


As yawn-stipating as the words “Blues Traveler” might be to most, it’s really not fair to cast aspersions on a band that hit their musical ceiling so early. They were just A&M’s attempt to capitalize on the middling jam talent that proliferated out of the purchasing power of second-generation Deadheads in the early early ’90s. Then they struck it big on 1994’s Four and now, “Hook” and “Runaround” are immortalized in the commercial radio canon for better or worse. Since then, Blues Traveler have slowly, but surely sunk back into the journeyman-level band stratum for which they were always destined, though the near-disintegration of A&M and their signing to the ill-fated Sanctuary Records have certainly ushered it along. They’ve ridden the tide of their early success for a long time, but even Steve Beuerlein threw for nearly 4,500 yards and 36 touchdowns in 1999. But you’d be kidding yourself if you thought he was heading to a Hall of Fame career. He was a career second-stringer with his moment in the sun, and that’s Blues Traveler in a few words. In a live setting, their shows can sometimes be incredibly inspired efforts when Popper seems interested. His voice and harmonica skills are in fine form, but they’re just as likely to be lackluster slogs through the versus-chorus-harmonica solo-“Hook”-guitar-solo dynamic with a tired cover of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” cover thrown in somewhere. If you feel like rolling the dice, they’ll be at the Carolina Theatre this Friday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35.00, $29.50, or $22.50 and the show starts at 8:30 p.m.