ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


Fresh off performances at two top world music festivals — Lake Eden Arts Festival and Lotus World Music Festival in Bloomington — Mariam Matossian is becoming one of North Carolina’s favorite world music performers. She set a record for advance tickets sold at White Horse Black Mountain, and as of press time her Broach Theatre performance is nearly sold out. Why? Hear the pairing of her velvety, enthralling voice with her virtuosic backing band Free Planet Radio and one will come close to understanding. Her songs are poignant narratives inspired by Armenian traditional songs that serve to emotionally connect people with the universal themes of hope despite pain, love for one’s homeland, and pining for a lost love. Mariam will be accompanied by Free Planet Radio’s River Guerguerian on percussion, Chris Rosser on a seemingly endless variety of exotic stringed instruments, and multi- Grammy award-winning Eliot Wadopian on acoustic bass. The showwill feature re-interpreted traditional and original Armenian folk songs from Mariam’s two full-length albums, Far From Home and In The Light. Joining her are a group deserving of effusive praise in their own right, Greensboro’s own Songs of Water, a dynamic instrumental group fusing traditional Appalachia with distinctly Celtic and African characteristics. Tickets are $22 in advance and $26 at the door, and show time is 6 p.m.


WUAG and WQFS: Will their duels become legend? This week, two of Greensboro’s fine collegiate broadcasters will present performances by a pair of headlining acts often incorrectly typecast — Maps & Atlases as fret-tapping math rockers and Bear In Heaven as whatever people think when they hear the term Brooklyn indie. It’s true that Maps & Atlases use time signatures other than 4/4 and it’s true that Bear In Heaven reappropriate ’80s synth sounds, but both bands are forward-looking in their creative vision. Bear in Heaven melds Jon Philpot’s Mars Volta-ish vocals and roboticized synth with a drum and bass groove so heavy you’d swear you were at a Disco Biscuits show, only you’re not surrounded by tweaked-out degenerates. They’re moody, often foreboding and completely danceable.

WQFS will host them on Guilford College’s campus this Thursday, November 11 with shoegazers Sun Airway and nobodies-destinedto-become-somebodies Cloudland Canyon. Maps & Atlases, on the other hand, don’t necessarily spur feet to floor, but the quartet’s MO of packing as many notes as they can into every bar and seasoning it with crashing cymbals can induce their own kind own convulsions. They’re performing at Artistika Nightclub thanks to WUAG on Monday, November 15 with honest-to-God math rockers Tera Melos and Greensboro’s own the Bronzed Chorus.