ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


It’s a fair bet that, amidst shaking fellow cons down in Uno, Lil Wayne used his time in prison to think about just how bad his stage show was last time around. No more silly “acoustic” set on the I’m Still Music tour, no playing hype man to pre-recorded tracks of his own lyrics (at least not as much), and most importantly of all, no T-Pain. Absolutely no T-Pain. Based on early reviews, Lil Wayne’s tour coming to the Greensboro Coliseum on Friday is going to be one of the best big hip-hop shows of the year. He’s rid his tour of the mediocre soul singers and AutoTune’d hype men of 2008, and in their place is a parade of performers that hip-hop fans would do well to arrive early to see. Before the death of DJ AM, Travis Barker pounded the skins in one of the funkiest DJ/drummer combos in music. For Lil Wayne’s tour, he’ll be joined in AM’s stead by the legendary Mix Master Mike of Beastie Boys and Invisibl Skratch Piklz fame. To hear what MMM can do when paired with a badass drummer, dig up the fairly hard-to-find live live Praxis disc Warszawa and listen to its epic 24-minute intro with DJ Disk and Bryan Mantia for confirmation. Gaga rip-off Nicki Minaj is there mostly to give Lil Wayne a lap dance, and Ricky Rozay should be kicked off the tour the minute Shyne is able to warn Wayne that the guy used to be a prison guard. Google that. Tickets range from $39.75 to $89.75 and the show starts at 7:00 p.m. Again, get there early.


If it was Sara Bareilles’ ambition to write more inspired pop music after the lease on her 2007 hit “Love Song” ran out a few years ago, penning the theme song to a VH1 reality series centered on a second-stringer from “The Hills” may not be the best start. There’s no greater muse than the promise of a paycheck though, and one needn’t be another Brian

Wilson to write her brand of piffling piano pop. Bareilles is touring on her positively reviewed album Kaleidoscope Heart, and she’ll perform material from it at Wake Forest’s Wait Chapel this Tuesday, April 12 for the college’s Spring Concert. Her album did come in at a weak No. 1 with only 90,000 sold, so there’s some superficial enjoyment to be gleaned for the guys there at the whim of their ladies. Besides, there are a lot of worse things to do on a Tuesday night than stare at Sara Bareilles for two hours. Brooklyn indie pop trio Elizabeth the Catapult and Ximena Sariñana, who has worked as a live vocalist for the Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez- Lopez, will open the show. Tickets for the show are $32.30 for the general public after fees and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.


We get some pretty hilarious e-mails here at YES! Weekly from time to time. Some are of the fanatically religious nature, charging us with the death of morality in Greensboro. Some are pointlessly spiteful reflections of the reader’s messy inner self. Then there’s the occasional drunken rambling intended to use the media as a conduit for their indignation at someone or something they believed wronged them. One of those came recently as a senseless rant directed toward the perceived temperament of the Old Winston Social Club’s owner, the club’s inventory of beer and the incongruity of its name and its actual history. Now it’s a fact that no bar in town is perfect, and all it takes is one bad day to ruin a person’s opinion of a joint forever. Maybe the author should consider giving the Old Winston Social Club another shot next Wednesday, April 13, when the rockin’ Brooklyn foursome Yarn comes to town. The show’s at 10 p.m. and it’s only $5, which is a fair price to bury the hatchet over a fantastic, though unsung band.