ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


It was only a few months ago that rapper Big KRIT was the warm-up act for Wiz Khalifa in the Pittsburgh hip-hop star’s first show after a massively publicized weed pinching. Since then, it doesn’t take a GPS to know that the two rappers’ careers have gone off in wildly different directions. While Khalifa’s new one Rolling Papers is a strong contender for worst major label hip-hop release of 2011 and an outright embarrassment to those beating his drum since How Fly (ahem), Big KRIT has positioned himself as the breakthrough hip-hop artist of the year with his latest mixtape Return of 4Eva. It’s an inspired slice of traditionalist Southern hip-hop that’s smart, witty and thumping all at once. Big KRIT will be blowing up before our very eyes this Saturday on the campus of North Carolina A&T when he returns to Greensboro for a free show. This will be his third Triad show in four months, with a pay gig at Greene Street Club later this month, so there’s no excuse missing him. The show starts at 7 p.m. with openers Freddie Gibbs and Smoke.


For all the wild 20-plus-minute long jams that Gregg Allman has led as the voice of the Allman Brothers Band, his performances as a solo artist are almost polar opposites. He still plays a little Hammond B-3, but mostly you’ll find him hunched over an acoustic guitar, crooning subdued blues and folk numbers with his solo band, a well-appointed but relatively unknown crew of studio musicians and academics. They stretch their legs out some, but not nearly to “Mountain Jam” levels of indulgence, as most of the tracks on his latest solo record Low Country Blues are tightly-structured, vocal-forward pieces. Allman will come to Cary’s Koka Booth Ampitheatre next Wednesday, April 20 with the Steve Miller Band in tow, who, amazingly enough, has not stopped putting out music. Miller came back last year with his first album of new material since 1993, and will release another brand new one on April 19 in Let Your Hair Down. Tickets are $39.50 and $59.50, and the music starts at 7 p.m.


If there’s one thing that new parents and music venue owners have in common, it’s that both will tell you that the first two years feel like an eternity. Max Benbasset would agree, as the CFBG founder has endured much coming into the two-year anniversary of furthering the arts in Greensboro. Center for a Better Greensboro at 930 S.

Chapman will turn two years old this Friday with a trio of acts that embody the vision that Benbasset had when he assumed the often ill-fated enterprise into music promotion: Keep it local and keep it good. Though one act will remain anonymous until the time is right, the drum, bass and noise duo Fake Mustache composed of members of Switchblade 85 and Freak House, along with Woodland Creatures, a thrash supergroup with members of Friend House, Cold Tony and, once again, Switchblade 85, are plenty enticing. More than that, your one-time donation of $3 will be used to help feed hungry music venue owners. Do it for the cause. The music starts at 9 p.m.