ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


For three days this Labor Day Weekend, a pair of Winston-Salem venues will come alive with bands across multiple genres who have come together to make a difference for some people in their time of need. The Garage and 6 th & Vine will play host to Give ‘Em Shelter: Helping Haiti Rebuild, a benefit for Haitian refugees. It all begins Thursday night at the Garage with an all-acoustic string of entertainers that run the gamut of folky genres. Opening it all is the Dave Matthews-like solo artist Gunnar Nagle, followed by Mount Airy old time trio Backstep. Keeping in the olden tradition, but with a decidedly more modern flair are the Pilot Mountain Bobcats, as the outstanding fiddler Tim Smith closes out the evening with a group of equally talented friends. With a rockabilly-themed evening, the ol’ rock-o-meter kicks up a notch on the second night, starting with Raleigh-based quintet the Shucks, a band with distinct similarities to Donna the Buffalo. The real rockabilly starts with the hard-driving Annie & her Oakleys, followed by the always impressive Bo-Stevens. Roots country darlings Kelly & the Cowboys close out Friday night, but if you’re still feeling the previous night’s oldtime, 6 th & Vine has the Appalachian Americans and the Hushpuppies.

Rock and blues hold court on Saturday with Fred Williams and Friends, Rock N’ Roll Attoms (sic), the Allison King Band and Big Mama E & the Cool at the Garage, while Wet Paint and the Blue Gospel Avengers do 6 th & Vine. Honestly, none of these bands seem exciting in the least, but remember why you’re there. Tickets are $10 for single days and $25 for a full weekend.


If there was ever a good time to invest in patchouli, rolls of hemp and glass, uh, paperweights, now would be it. Someone threw together a crapload of interchangeable jam bands and plopped them down on a 30-acre plot of land this Labor Day weekend just north of Chapel Hill for a whole lot of whatever it is jam bands and fans do when a lot of them get together, and now you have the Getdown Music & Arts Festival. Let me just throw some of the possibilities out there. Drum circles? Check. Bonfires? Of course. An eclectic array of vendors selling homemade goods and heady eats? Certainly. Okay, how about a place to play disc golf? Sure, all of the hippie stereotypes are covered. Could there be an assortment of reggae, funk, roots and groove music? It wouldn’t be a jam fest without it. For what it’s worth, this year’s lineup is vastly improved over last year’s jammy hodgepodge. Oh, it’s technically still a jammy hodgepodge, but it’s a jammy hodgepodge that outsiders can get behind. There’s are bonafide headliners this year with Larry Keel & Natural Bridge and electro-Afrobeat trio Telepath, though our own Mantras also receive top billing. Joining them are fellow Greensboro-ites Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Chapel Hill’s Hammer No More the Fingers, Asheville’s Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Pimps of Joytime, Roots of Creation and a whole lot of other great bands. Tickets for the three-day fest, which runs from Friday through Sunday, are $60 after fees and more information can be found at