ryan’s forecast

by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


When the major cogs in music scene of the state’s capital comes together to throw one of the most anticipated parties of the last few years, the music PTB in the Triad should take notice. The Hopscotch Music Festival will take place across multiple venues in downtown Raleigh this weekend, with the purpose of showcasing the region’s finest musical talent alongside some terrific national acts that most know and love. There are of course bands from every corner of the Triangle, but bands like the electropop outfit EAR PWR and breakbeat dynamos Floating Action rep Asheville, while DJ George Brazil, Black Congo and the Alpha Theory come from the Queen City. Even Wilmington gets in on the action with classic metal great Weedeater and the like-minded No Tomorrow, and tiny little Marion sends their representative in US Christmas and Greenville expatriates Future Islands are on the bill. Yep, that about covers every corner of the North Carolina music scene. Wait, there has to be someone from the greater Greensboro/Winston-Salem/ High Point area on the bill, right? I mean, we have a great scene, don’t we? Upon further review, no, there is no one. Not one band. Hmph. Well grease me up and call me Suzie. The invite must have gotten lost in the mail. Or maybe they don’t have our new phone number. Are we friends with them on Facebook? Yeah, actually we “liked” their announcement about four months ago. Regardless, I’m not sure if it’s a slight or an implied critical commentary from hoity-toity, high falutin’, Pitchfork-reading cognoscenti in the Triangle, but they sure booked some nice acts up top. Broken Social Scene aside, Public Enemy is incredible live and Panda Bear’s new album translates nicely to the stage. It’s going to be hard for hip-hop fiends to tear themselves away from the Lincoln Theatre on Friday night, as 9 th Wonder

(technically from Winston-Salem, long ago) hosts a stage that will include Kaze, Big Remo, Actual Proof and, eventually, Raekwon. Speaking of Actual Proof, is it awkward when fellow Charlotte funk-fusion band Actual Proof gets booked at the same place as them? At least they can talk about Herbie Hancock. Save room for dessert after the Public Enemy show on Saturday night, as the incredible Chicago prog-jazz-rock-fusion band Tortoise prepares to chew you up and spit you out. The festival runs from Thursday through Saturday; check for ticket availability at


Welcome home, indeed. Now hand over your paycheck. Don’t even worry about the Tony Bennett show at the new Milton Rhodes Center for the Performing Arts. It’s sold out and you probably couldn’t afford it anyway. At $225 and $300 a pop to experience the center’s opening gala, it feels more like a political fundraiser than the opening of a community-oriented theater. Bennett’s tickets are indeed pricey, but none of the dates on his current tour even approach the premium paid for his Sept. 10 show in downtown Winston-Salem. For those who were unwilling to pay over $600 for a good pair of tickets to the center’s opening night, there’s always his Richmond, Va. show on Nov. 5 that can be had — along with dinner, gas and an oil change — for less. Not that Bennett isn’t worth whatever you’re asked to pay — the 15-time Grammy winner is spectacular — but let’s not pretend that this performance is anything more than a blue-blood rubdown. The rest of the weekend’s events are free and open to the public, however, and are of particular interest if you’re into Hannah Montana and stamp collecting.