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by Ryan Snyder

upcoming shows you should check out


Love makes people do silly things, such as trying to wife up a former stripper and Kanye-hand-me-down like Amber Rose when you’re as young, talented, rich and famous as Wiz Khalifa. Or maybe putting out a mixtape as bad as Cabin Fever and then following it up with the cement-drying-boring Rolling Papers, because you know his mind was on other things when those were being made. That the woman whose love he immortalized in fresh ink had been sharing the goods via MMS with God and everyone shouldn’t quite shock the silly-baked rapper Wiz, but maybe it did wipe the poo-munching grin off of his face. At least until he remembered he has a song that samples Chrono Trigger. That’s pretty hilarious. You can check out Khalifa and his Gang of Taylor when they play the White Oak Amphitheatre this Thursday. Tickets are $30 plus fees, though when you throw out the ticket prices of his festival dates, it’s roughly $30 less than the average price of his other shows. The music starts at 7:30 p.m. with G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean opening.


The year was 1986. Bill Buckner becomes public enemy No. 1 in Boston after Game 6 of the World Series. In Season 2 of “The Hogan Family,” a tearful Willie is trapped on the roof of the neighbor’s house while trying to catch a peek at a classmate’s slumber party. I set still-standing records for number of disciplinary citations in a single year in Ms. Moore’s Griffith Elementary kindergarten class (I was a talker). A fledgling boy band by the name of New Kids On the Block is nearly dropped from Columbia Records after their debut album makes a poor national showing. Luckily, we all turned out okay. Well, except for Buckner. His pelt would probably still fetch a handsome sum in the right back alley Boston dive. The New Kids are doing especially well these days, with a comeback tour that’s been called “mildly entertaining.” That’s not actually been printed anywhere, but those are my best expectations based on potentially going in with my lowest expectations. It’s two boy (man?) bands for the price of one on Saturday night, as the Backstreet Boys will be on in support with Glee’s Matthew Morrison opening. Tickets range from $29.50 to $89.50, and the show starts at 8 p.m.


You have to wonder what’s in the water in North Mississippi that bestows unfathomable lifespans on these Delta bluesmen. We recently lost Pinetop Perkins at the age of 97, playing until his final days. David “Honeyboy” Edwards is still kicking it at 97 and so is T-Model Ford at (roughly) 91. Robert Lockwood, Jr. played into his nineties and RL Burnside left us at the tender age of 78. You could say that the blues can never die, and the elder Burnside’s multi-talented grandson Cedric is carrying on the family legacy. Formerly the partner of Lightnin’ Malcolm, Burnside has struck out solo with the Cedric Burnside Project and his debut The Way I Am has to be in consideration for the best blues record of 2011. The primarily acoustic affair is steeped in the thorny Delta style of RL, but what’s most interesting is how the hiphop vocal stylings of Cedric and brother Cody sound perfectly at home. The Cedric Burnside Project comes to the Clubhouse in Greensboro next Wednesday, July 27, with tickets only $7. The music starts at 9 p.m.

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