by Keith T. Barber and Jordan Green

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office gets 287(g)

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office is among11 agencies added to the US Homeland Security Department’s 287(g) program, the department announced on July 10.

Items from across the Triad and Beyond, compiled by Keith T. Barber and Jordan Green

The 287(g) program gives local law enforcement officers the authority to enforce immigration law, and allows them to initiate deportation proceedings. The department also announced that it has standardized the

Memorandum of Agreement used to enter into 287(g) partnerships. “To address concerns that individuals may be arrested for minor offenses as a guise to initiate removal proceedings,” the July 10 press release states, “the new agreement explains that participating law enforcement agencies are required to pursue all criminal charges that originally caused the offender to be taken into custody.” The announcement does not address the fact that state prosecutors have the discretion to dismiss criminal charges against a defendant subject to impending deportation. Mark Sills, executive director of FaithAction

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