by Jordan Green

Greensboro foundation’s board dissolved

The board of directors of the Greensborobased Fund for Democratic Communities dissolved itself by a consensus decision on Sept. 15. The staff will be released effective Nov. 30. “It has a future, I just don’t know what it is,” benefactor and founder Marnie Thompson said. “It has a future that will be tied very closely to its current mission.

It’s still going to function as a grantmaking operation. We aren’t having staff. We’re simplifying the operation.” Established in 2007, the fund has made grants to the Crack Intervention Research Project, the Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative, Homekeeping Mortgage Default Counseling, Los Artistas and the Peace and Justice Network. — JG

Student subjected to anti-gay notes

Guilford College President Kent Chabotar informedmembers of the campus community on Sept. 19 that earlier in the week astudent received a note on his dorm room door stating, “Die MF fag.Nobody wants your kind on campus.” The message was reportedly followedby a second note attached to a rock that was dropped through thestudent’s open residence hall window. The second message reportedlyread, in part, “It’s bad enough without all the gay crap pulling peopledown. It’s sick, unnatural, and death is almost too good for you.”Chabotar responded in a formal statement: “There is no room whatsoeverat Guilford for persecution, oppression and harassment of individualsor groups.

Those whoperpetrate acts such as this challenge our intent to maintain theatmosphere of freedom that is essential for learning and civil society.Those who — out of prejudice, ignorance or hatred — intimidate andsilence others by their words or actions undermine us all.” The collegereported that the Greensboro Police Department is investigat ing thematter. Students plan to hold a rally under the banner “Not on ourcampus, not anywhere” at the college at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. — JG

Community college decision angers Republicans

An array of stateRepublican leaders rose last week to denounce a recent decision by theNC Community College Board to admit undocumented immigrants who areable to afford out-of-state tuition. Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham)called it “an illadvised experiment that will further drain preciouseducational resources and put our state’s economy in greater jeopardy,”while state GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer chimed in: “The board’s decision today exhibits a total lack of respect for the law and for people who come here legally.” — JG

Interim president appointed to head Greensboro College

Greensboro College announced on Sept. 18 that C. Brent DeVore has been named interim president, following the recent resignation in July of former President Craven Williams. DeVore led Otterbein College in Ohio from 1994 until his recent retirement on June 30. “When Iretired all of two months and two weeks ago, I said that whatever I donext, I want to get into it with both my head and my heart,” DeVoresaid in a formal statement about his temporary assignment. “Visitingthe campus on two occasions, I found it to be a school of substance, acommunity with a mission, and I felt it would be an opportunity to setthe stage for helping build the future of the institution and preparingfor the next president.” — JG

City appoints transportation director from within

Interim Greensboro City Manager Bob Morgan announced on Sept. 18 that he has appointed Adam Fischer as the city’s director of transportation. Fischer has held the job in an interim capacity since the departure of Jim Westmoreland, who landed a job at the NC Department of Transportation. Morgan will be replaced by Rashad Young, who starts next month as the city’s permanent manager. — JG