by Jordan Green

Items from across the Triad and beyond

Records show UNC Board raised tuition rates several years in a row

NC senate District 28 candidate Evelyn Miller has been availing herself of every opportunity to point out that opponent Gladys Robinson has served on the UNC Board of Governors when the body has approved a succession of tuition hikes. During an April 15 candidate forum at Bennett College, Miller had stated, “College tuition’s been rising for the past 10 years, every year.” Four days later at a candidate forum hosted by the Guilford County Unity Forum, Robinson said she wanted to rebut the statement. In fact, statistic released by the University of North Carolina show that the Board of Governors has raised tuition every year since 2001-2002 except for one — a total of eight times. And the board signed off on a ninth hike this spring. Miller has since revised her statement accordingly.

Congressional race between Tea Party candidates become acrimonious

In the last two weeks before the May 4 election, the contest between Republican primary opponents Cathy Brewer Hinson and Dr. James Taylor, who are both seeking the 6th District seat currently held by Howard Coble, has become downright acrimonious. earlier in the month, Hinson’s father asked Taylor how many times he had asked Hinson to get out of the race, and how many Us dollars he had offered her to do so. Taylor admitted to asking Hinson to withdraw, but didn’t address the second part of the question. On April 23, Hinson said in an interview that Taylor has been stealing her platform, including her “we the people” slogan and identification as a constitutional conservative, adding, “The man wouldn’t know an original idea if it hit him in the face.” The Taylor campaign responded by e-mail by saying, “It is very unfortunate she has resorted to saying things that are wildly untrue. The people of our community are more interested in solutions that address jobs, the economy and a dysfunctional government.

I would hope that she would stop the politics of mudslinging and join the people as we try to take our country back from those who don’t have our best interests at heart.” Both Taylor and Hinson are closely tied to the Tea Party movement. One candidate has dropped out and endorsed Taylor. Jon Mangin made his announcement on April 23, and said that no money was on the table in his decision.

Budget town hall scheduled for May 3

Greensboro Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Vaughan will be substituting for District 1 Councilwoman Dianne Bellamy-Small at a town-hall meeting about the city’s budget to be held at the Greensboro Historical Museum on May 3 at 7 p.m. The program will focus on how the budget cuts are likely to affect districts 1 and 2.