by Keith Barber

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Forsyth GoP leader in Physical altercation with Greensboro man Nathan Tabor, president of the Forsyth County Republican Party, was involved in a physical altercation with a Greensboro man during a protest outside the office of Democratic Us Rep. Mel Watt on June 8. A Guilford County magistrate later issued a civil summons for simple assault against both Tabor and Governor [ck] Vance Spencer.

The incident was captured by two video cameras — one operated by Tabor and the other by one of the protesters. Tabor said the protestors came to Watt’s office to protest bank bailouts and the “Durbin amendment,” a provision in the banking reform bill that would regulate the “swipe fees” charged by Visa and MasterCard.

In the video, spencer can be seen interrupting the rally by addressing the protesters.

“The reason we in this mess right now is this

clown George Bush, who you love so much, deregulated everything and let all the crooks and all the thieves come out,” he said. Tabor said that spencer interrupted a peaceful protest and started verbally arguing with several protesters.

Tabor said he turned his camera off momentarily to lay down his sign and found spencer standing close to him. Tabor claims spencer pushed him, and he turned his video camera back on. Then spencer hit his camera, said Tabor. “I said, ‘Please don’t touch me, don’t touch my camera,’ and he tells me he’s going to f–k me up,” Tabor said.

In the video, a woman’s voice can be heard off camera asking spencer, “shouldn’t you be at work?” Tabor claims that spencer then pushed his wife, Jordan, twice, and he stepped in to defend her.

“What this really comes down to plain and simple, I was exercising my constitutional rights,” Tabor said. “My wife was attacked, and I defended her. I would do it again today.”

The video reveals Tabor pushing spencer before he punched Tabor in the mouth. In the video, spencer claims he never pushed Tabor’s wife. Greensboro police officers arrived at the scene and viewed both videotapes, Tabor said. After arriving at the magistrate’s office, Tabor attempted to swear out a warrant for spencer’s arrest. He requested the magistrate look at the videotapes, but the magistrate refused.

Spencer’s attorney, Joe Williams, did not return calls for this story.

Tabor’s video has been posted on numerous internet websites and YouTube. Tabor has also made an appearance on Fox News nationally and several appearances on local TV since last week’s incident. Tabor said his mouth swelled for about two or three hours after the punch, but he suffered no serious injuries.

His and spencer’s court date is set for next month.