by Jordan Green

New professionals group debuts at golf tournament

One of the new social prestige sets with a presence at the Wyndham championship this year was the Piedmont Alliance of Young Professionals, a group of 20-40-year-old professionals who staked out the 10th Green suite on Aug. 19.

The stated purpose of the new organization is “to bring the young professional demographic” from Greensboro, Winston-salem, High Point and Burlington “together at premier regional events for social and professional networking.” The organization plans to develop a national business contest for young professionals, details of which have not been released.

“Golf brings people together,” said co-chairs Durant Bell and David Worth in a prepared statement. “It’s a great setting for the group, and the Wyndham tournament directors are passionate about the region. We believe the efforts of the Piedmont Alliance, coupled with the Wyndham’s first class golf event will be a great way to highlight our region and a perfect venue to kick off a national business investment competition.”

Republicans train to engage ‘ liberal media’ in battle of ideas

Talk-radio host Michael Savage’s Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder was a touchstone of the conservative movement’s fascination with the psychology of the left during the administration of President George W. Bush. While psychologist Dr. Timothy Daughtry’s presentation does not put quite such a pathological spin on the subject, judging by the promotional materials for his program, “Understanding How the left Thinks” mines a similar vein.

Daughtry will speak at the Guilford county Republican Party Headquarters, located at 3950 W. market st. in Greensboro, on sept. 1 at 7 p.m. in what Guilford county Republican Party chairman Bill Wright calls “an eye-opening look into the inner sanctum of the mind of the liberal left.”

“Dr. Daughtry’s presentation simply adds one more important and unique tool in our arsenal of weapons to use in the upcoming battles against the liberal left,” Wright says in a mass e-mail to publicize the event. “Understanding how they think and learning how to turn the tables on their illogical reasoning is important to our mission.”

Daughtry is president of CCG, a Greensboro leadership development company founded in 1979.

Daughtry is also a principal and coach at Patriot coaching, an organization that describes its mission as “to empower and equip conservative candidates and constitutional patriots to successfully understand, engage and defeat the radical liberal agenda in the public arena.”

Daughtry served as vice chairman and chairman of the Guilford county Young Republicans in the early 1980s and worked on the campaigns of Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms, according to a biography posted on the website of Patriot coaching. He and fellow principal Gary R. Casselman are working on a book called Rules for Mainstream Radicals.

The trio of principal-coaches at Patriot coaching is rounded out by Barrett Riddleberger, a founder of conservatives for Guilford county, which organized the Tea Party event in Greensboro earlier this year.