by Keith T. Barber and Jordan Green

Bellamy-Small: ‘My viability… is very real’

Dianne Bellamy-Small indicated in written responses to questions faxed to her by YES! Weekly that her candidacy for Greensboro mayor is serious. The District 1 councilwoman is one of four mayoral candidates, including political ally Robbie Perkins. Filing for council elections closes on Aug. 12. Candidates may switch races as long as filing remains open.

“There needs to be a return to respectful, responsive and responsible government to the people,” Bellamy-Small said, explaining her motivation for running.

She added, “I think my viability as a council member, though often overlooked, is very real. I’ve always brought thoughtful contributions to the council.” — JG

General Assembly overrides Perdue’s veto of abortion bill

Last week, the NC General Assembly overrode Gov. Beverly Perdue’s veto of House Bill 854, or the Woman’s Right to Know Act. The bill requires a 24-hour waiting period and the informed consent of a pregnant woman before an abortion can be performed. Informed consent includes a real-time view of the unborn child and the opportunity to listen to the sound of the child’s heartbeat.

“The Republican’s social agenda has, with this bill, invaded a woman’s life as never before — by marching straight into her doctor’s office and dictating the medical advice and treatment she receives,” Perdue said in a prepared statement. “I remain opposed to this legislation.”

The Republican majority got the three-fifths majority it needed in the NC House as the vote on the override passed 72-47. In the NC Senate, Sen. Stan Bingham (R-Davidson) proved the deciding vote or non-vote. When the bill passed the NC Senate in June, Bingham was the only Republican to vote against it. When the vote for the override came up last week, Bingham left the Senate floor. The final tally was 29-19 in favor of an override as Bingham’s absence led to the bill’s passage. Bingham could have stopped the bill’s passage by voting against it.

The bill states that 24 hours prior to an abortion, a pregnant woman must be informed by a physician or qualified professional in person or on the phone about the medical risks of the abortion procedure, the age of the child at the time of the abortion and whether the physician performing the abortion has liability insurance. Also, minors seeking an abortion will have to gain voluntary and informed written consent from a parent or guardian. There is no exception provided for victims of rape or incest in the proposed bill. — KTB