by Jordan Green

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On the eve of the Greensboro City Council’s vote to select a vendor to reopen the White Street Landfill, at-large Councilman Danny Thompson appeared before a group of landfill opponents at Laughlin Memorial United Methodist Church to explain his thinking.

Opponents, led by former District 2 Councilwoman Goldie Wells, had hoped to reach a compromise, namely delaying the vote. They were disappointed by Thompson’s offer.

Thompson said he would support taking some of the money saved by reopening Phase III of the landfill and using it to move the entrance to the landfill to relieve heavy truck traffic through residential areas and to establish a fund to give the city of Greensboro an equity stake in a future regional landfill.

District 2 Councilman Jim Kee said Randolph County officials have said they expect to have a landfill online that could accept Greensboro’s trash in two years. Thompson indicated he would not support that option because Greensboro would be a customer rather than an equity partner.

“He just made us want to fight harder,” Wells said after the meeting. “You saw him. He wasn’t moved at all. We’re going to really mobilize and get these people out of their seats. That is the only thing we can do is vote them out.”

Steve Bowden, a lawyer who chairs the Simkins PAC, told the audience, which included numerous city council candidates, that no one who supports reopening the landfill can expect the committee’s endorsement.