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Winter emergency shelters opening

The majority of Greensboro Urban Ministry’s winter emergency shelters will open Dec. 1, providing shelter at night for people experiencing homelessness. Over a dozen sites will open this winter, running through March 31, some specializing in services to veterans or people with mental health or substance abuse needs. A new site will open at the downtown YWCA specifically for women. Greensboro Urban Ministry needs to raise $108.200 to fund the shelters for the season, each of which will house between 10 and 22 people every night. The Women’s Resource Center trained all of the volunteer team leaders.To volunteer or contact the Greensboro Urban Ministry, contact 336.553.2642 or 336.553.2641. — EG


Members of the Winston-Salem City Council expressed unanimous opposition to House Bill 650, that allows people to carry concealed handguns in city parks, before approving a resolution to expand the definition of “recreational facilities” in order to limit the reach of the law, on Nov. 21.

The bill, signed into law by Gov. Bev Perdue in June, allows any person with a handgun permit to carry a concealed handgun in parks except recreational facilities. The law goes into effect Dec. 1.

City Attorney Angela Carmon explained to council members the resolution would expand the definition of “recreational facilities” to playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and spectator areas adjoining facilities. The resolution also expands the definition to include any “building, structure or place including a walking trail, greenway and body of water such as a lake for engaging in sporting events, recreational activities, fitness or physical training.” This will exempt 52 of the city’s 69 parks from the carry-conceal law, Carmon noted. However, the city will have to bear the cost of new signs to inform visitors of the new law. The city estimates the cost at $7,600. Councilman Dan Besse characterized the passage of House Bill 650 as “unwise.” Councilman Derwin Montgomery stated the resolution was necessary to eliminate ambiguity in the law. Councilman James Taylor said the new law is cause for great concern and concealed handguns in public parks could lead to deadly consequences. Taylor voted against the resolution as a symbolic statement of opposition. The measure passed 7-1. — KTB