Second Cohort Announced for Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2016)


Five local nonprofits have joined forces to bring Craft Entrepreneurship, Etsy’s in-person program designed to help creative people in underserved communities create pathways to entrepreneurship, to the Triad!

Action Greensboro, The Forge, HQ, United Way of Greater Greensboro, and Greensboro Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce the second round of the Craft Entrepreneurship Program in Greensboro.

This innovative program provides micro-business training to underemployed, low-income adults with existing creative skills to help supplement their income and sell their products to new markets.

Kicking off on November 4, for five consecutive weeks at The Forge, Greensboro residents will participate in a training program that will guide them through becoming craft entrepreneurs.

The program utilizes Etsy’s platform for selling creative goods online while leveraging the resources of The Forge Makerspace. Participants receive a membership at The Forge to assist them in making their end product for sale on Etsy.

The second cohort of participants are members of United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Family Success Center.

The Family Success Center’s innovative approach brings together partners across nonprofit, business and government sectors to provide integrated servicing at a single location that meets the needs of each member of a family.

Guilford Child Development is the lead partner and location of United Way’s first Family Success Center.

Karen Martinez, Director of Community Partnerships of Guilford Child Development, says, “I have had FSC participants say to me that this is the first time they ever thought of themselves as potential entrepreneurs though they have actually made items for family and friends for years. They are excited about their possibilities.”

Joe Rotondi, the Executive Director of The Forge sees the ingenuity of the group as an inspirational, going on to say, “Given the right circumstances, any one of these women could become a successful entrepreneur.”

Lauren Hatfield, the instructor, runs her own successful Etsy shop, and loves sharing her knowledge with the group. She says, “This program teaches students to form successful businesses simply by tapping into resources they already have at their fingertips.”

You can learn more about the nationwide program here: