by Brian Clarey

It’s early spring, or so I’m told, and it’s what you do now in your backyard plot that makes your garden grow — also, so I’m told. But if you haven’t prepped for strawberries yet, I’d say you’re pretty much out of luck.

And there’s buzzing in the sportsbar world about a possible NFL strike, which would not only result in some seriously dreary winter Sunday afternoons, but also a huge surplus of chicken wings.

But the best food-related news story I’ve seen so far this week is a trend outlined at buying beers for the kitchen. The East Coast Grill in Cambridge, Mass. has a “kitchen beer appreciation special” — a sixer of PBR for $12. Similar specials exist at restaurants in southern California and Chicago. I know more than a few line cooks who hope that trend comes to Greensboro sooner rather than later.

Thursday sees a Winston-Salem meeting of Girls on Grapes at Chelsee’s Coffee House from 7 to 9 p.m. As always, “No husbands/boyfriends or stress allowed.”

On Friday, Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem gets into RiverRun mode with a sneak preview of films from the festival in the café at 6 p.m. Then, on Sunday, the organic, green grocer airs the feature film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead at 7 p.m.

All weekend long the Vineyards of Swan Creek Herb Festival runs. The trail stops at each of the five vineyards for food made with a signature herb and paired with a wine; take home potted herbs from each venue. Tickets run $25, and can be had by calling 336.835.9463.

Saturday is the fourth annual Blues Dinner at Hinshaw United Methodist Church in Greensboro, featuring the Not Dead Yet Blues Band and spaghetti with French bread, salad, tea and dessert. For reservations call Sandy at 336.210.5970.

Sunday sees a Spring Pottery Festival at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, the 13th annual, with more than 70 area potters exhibiting and selling their wares. For more information call 336.373.2961.