by Brian Clarey

Starting off this week’s Served column is the Deep Roots Market’s Eat Local, America campaign, encouraging all of us to eat more fresh foods grown close to home, that runs through the month of September. Visit the online community at or stop by the store on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro.

Christopher’s 1776, An American Tavern, opens on Brookstown Avenue in Winston-Salem, helmed by local Chef Christopher Fulk of Christopher’s New Global Cuisine fame. The deal: lunch, dinner, live music on Thursdays.

Over in Greensboro, preliminary news comes from Battleground Avenue, where Italian eatery Anton’s will be merging with short-lived but fabulous French bistro the Madison Park. This is very good news.

And Chipotle has hooked up with Willie Nelson to make a short animated film about eating locally. Watch it at

On Wednesday the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market hosts Printworks Bistro’s Chef de Cuisine Carrie Longnecker for a lecture and demo. On Saturday the GCFM holds Farmers Appreciation Day with breakfast, live music and, according to a press release, “fun.”

Also on Saturday, the Winston-Salem Fresh Market holds a cooking demo featuring Italian sausage hoagies and pasta salad.

All weekend long, Total Wine & More pours free wine samples to all of their legalage guests, as does the Fresh Market.

And the Grove Winery holds Crafts in the Grove on Saturday and Sunday, with local artisans, wine tastings and grapestomping.

And on Tuesday, the Downtown Winston-Salem Farmers Market will be handing out free tote bags.

Got room for one more? The New York Times Dining & Wine section this week explores misophonia, a disease that causes fear, nausea and even rage when its sufferers hear the sounds of another human eating.

From the story: “Taylor Benson, a 19-yearold sophomore at Creighton University in Omaha, says many mouth noises, along with sniffling and gum chewing, make her chest tighten and her heart pound. She finds herself clenching her fists and glaring at the person making the sound.

“‘This condition has caused me to lose friends and has caused numerous fights,’ she said.”

And I thought I had problems.