by Brian Clarey



It’s November. Enough with the candy, already. I swear, I couldn’t eat another bite.

But according to, you might want to hoard some of those Reese’s products, as the price of peanut butter is set to rise 20-40 percent this month after a poor crop this year.

Still, peanut butter is a bargain compared to maple syrup — the good stuff can run $50 a gallon, and some legislators in the state of Vermont are seeking to make the selling of fake maple syrup a felony. I can’t articulate why, but I’m all for it.

Another thing I can’t articulate: my aversion to eating frog legs. Regardless, they’re on special at Anton’s until they run out.

On Thursday Moe’s, also on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, reopens with giveaways, a prize wheel and a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.

All weekend long the Fresh Market holds a Taste of the Holidays event at every Triad location, with a mad assortment of samples and specials geared towards Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Al the rest of the action is on Saturday. The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market holds its annual fall Antique Truck Show beginning at 9 p.m. featuring — yep — old trucks. Foothills Brewing holds its Beer School at the brewpub on 4th Street in Winston-Salem starting at 2:30 p.m. To enroll e-mail Whole Foods Market, also in the Camel City, holds its Taste of Thanksgiving event, where you get to try their crazy-good lineup of food items before you commit to outsourcing your meal. And it’s Scout Day at Old Salem, focusing on corn, beans, and squash.

And in case you were wondering, Nations Restaurant News has ranked the country’s biggest chain restaurants in terms of their effectiveness using socials media. To no one’s surprise, Starbucks came out on top — they’re from Seattle, you know. Very tech savvy. The rest of the list: Wendy’s, Chikfil-A, McDonald’s, Outback, Jimmy John’s, PGF Chang’s, Applebee, Chipotle and, at No. 10, Pinkberry, which is the only one on the list that we don’t have just yet in the Triad.