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Come the evening of Sunday, Oct. 16, when the lights go down the frights go up as Cine Scream 2016 flickers across the screen at Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema in Greensboro.

Mad One Films has teamed with the Forever Is Tomorrow Foundation to present this shock-filled selection of 13 – how appropriate! – independent short films designed to inspire shivers and shudders among the horror faithful.

Once again, the “mad scientist” in charge of piecing together this project is Jaysen Buterin, creative director of Mad One Films, life-long horror fan, and award-winning filmmaker. In fact, two films he worked on – Knob Goblins and LOOP – are among the 13 films to be screened. Both were recently shown at the Austin Revolution Film Festival, and Buterin won the Director’s Choice Award for Best Actor.

burger-knob_goblins_posterwebButerin oversaw Cine Scream 2014 at Geeksboro, but there was no event last year. Explains Buterin: “We ended up not doing anything last year as everyone’s schedules just seemed a bit more maniacal than usual at that time of year.

“Hopefully, that might work to our advantage as the line-up we have this year is really outstanding. Between this and the Wreak Havoc festival (which took place last weekend at the Carolina Theatre), maybe more people will find out just how much talent we have in and around the Triad.”

But make no mistake, he says, “Cine Scream 2014 was absolutely a success! I daresay in this day and age that any time you can get people off their devices and put butts in the seats at an actual venue is a win! We had a great turnout from filmmakers and film lovers alike, and I hope we can do even better this year with more films and a most excellent charitable cause that we’ll be raising funds for.”

That would be the Forever Is Tomorrow Foundation , a non-profit organization that raises awareness about kidney disease, dialysis, organ donation and diabetes. (The official website is

burger-telltale_11x17The bloodthirsty line-up, which encompass horror, science-fiction and fantasy, boasts many films made in North Carolina: Don’t Let the Light In (Greensboro), Tell-Tale Heart (Apex), Knob Goblins (Raleigh), Doctor Who – The Ginger Chronicles: A Loud Hush (Raleigh), The Dentist (Goldsboro), The Summoning (Garner), Frozen (Fayetteville), Hybrid (Banner Elk), 4th Paradox (Winston-Salem), The Thicket (Asheboro) and Hellions Rise (Greensboro). This year, two out-of-state selections were also added to the malevolent mix: LOOP (Chicago) and Used Body Parts (Los Angeles). After each film is screened, there will be a quick Q&A with attending cast and crew members.

“As far as a selection process goes, there was nothing formal,” Buterin says. “I’ve spent the last couple years running all kinds of amok on the film-festival circuit, first with Between Hell and a Hard Place and then Don’t Let the Light In, so I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of absolutely bloody brilliant films, many of which were made right here in our own backyard of North Carolina.

“The ones that were selected for this year were films I’ve seen and screened all over the country and I wanted to be able to bring those tales of terror home so the Triad could see just how much movie magic is being made out there, but with any luck and a lot of help, we’ll be able to have a formal submission process for next year and open it up to the movie-making masses!”

That’s right, Buterin is already looking ahead to Cine Scream 2017. “This year the question that seems be on many minds is ‘Will it become an annual event?’ – and I’m really, really hoping we can make that happen. I’d love for it to become a proper film festival, so if the film and event-planning gods smile on me, you never know.”

He also enjoys the ongoing relationship with Geeksboro and curator Joe Scott. “I will absolutely work with Joe and Geeksboro again, as often as I can! Not only is it ‘Nerdvana’ for so many different kinds of fandom geekery, but Joe has a deeply profound passion for movies – making them, watching them and watching others make them – that he balances with a stable business acumen, and that’s a combination not a lot of people can pull off. Geeksboro is a vital venue for the Triad and especially for Greensboro, and anything I can do to help ensure its longevity is just a no-brainer for me.”

Wanna Go?

Cine Scream 2016 will be unleashed 7 pm Sunday, Oct. 16 at Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema. Tickets are $5. For advance tickets or more information, call 336.509.4845 or e-mail The official Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema website is