Six homes to be built in Ole Asheboro


The construction of the first out of six homes has begun in the Ole Asheboro neighborhood.
Plans and efforts have been led by Community Housing Solutions with the collaboration of many organizations including the Ole Asheboro Neighborhood Association, Greensboro Housing Development Partnership, the City of Greensboro Neighborhood Development, Greensboro Builders Association, Housing Consultants Group and Carolina Bank.
At a recent press conference CHS was awarded a $120,000 grant from Wells Fargo toward the building of the six new homes.
The destination of the homes, Ole Asheboro, is a significant neighborhood in Greensboro.
“The Ole Asheboro neighborhood is a very historic neighborhood,” said President and Executive Director of CHS Gene Brown. “It was one of the very first neighborhoods of Greensboro over a hundred years ago.”
According to Brown, there has been a lot of revitalization in Ole Asheboro over the last 20 years. Other initiatives have worked to restore and fix older homes, bring businesses back, established a new church and plans for the Union Square campus in the northern end of the neighborhood.
During the revitalization process, some homes were beyond repair and demolished. That’s when CHS and its collaborative partners came in.
“Now what we’re going to be able to do is help restore those lots with a home that’ll be a brand new house that a family will be able to buy and move into,” said Brown. “We’re going to help what I call neighborhood stabilization or neighborhood renovation in terms of building homes that people can live in.
“And it’s a proven fact that home ownership helps to stabilize things like crime, prostitution and drugs. The higher percentage of home ownership in a neighborhood, the more stable and safe the community is to live in.”
The first two homes to be built will have a similar floor plan. They will be single story homes and about 1,500 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths.
The plan is for the homes to be sustainable and low maintenance. The homes will be made of materials to save money for homeowners
“We insulate the house and crawl space, we put air-sealing in terms of making the house well sealed so that when you are heating or cooling your house, you have lower heating and cooling bills,” said Brown. “The last thing you want to do is build a house, but not be energy efficient. What we want to do is to put a first time home buyer in these homes but have their maintenance cost be as minimal as possible in terms of water bills, electric bills, gas bills, types of heating, cooling and water bills.”
Due to being an historic neighborhood, Ole Asheboro had architectural standards for the new homes.
“The windows we are putting in, besides them being energy-efficient, they are matching the style of the look of this neighborhood from the early 1900s,” said Brown. “This house is not going to look foreign in the character of the neighborhood.
“There are particular architectural standards that we had to go through with the city to have them review it and make sure we were building it within those standards so that when we are building these homes, we are not only building a home that a homeowner would love to be able to buy and move into but we also have the support of the Old Asheboro neighborhood.”
Brown predicts the homes will cost around $95,000 but buyers could have the opportunity for payment assistance programs or qualify for a mortgage.
The first home will take about six months to finish.
“The house should be for sale probably around April 1 in terms of availability for someone to buy,” said Brown. “The project overall, we currently own two lots that we are building on in two different streets, they are not right next to each other because the lots that we are building on are what I call scattered sites.
“We would probably expect within two to two and a half years we will build six homes.”