Glenwood Skate Spot construction begins in Greensboro

glenwood_skate_spotSkateboard advocates and city officials in Greensboro marked the construction launch Wednesday of the Glenwood Skate Spot at 2010 Coliseum Blvd.

According to the launch event’s Facebook page, the Glenwood Skate Spot is one of two skateboard and BMX bike facilities that Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Dept. will build in the next year. In addition to the Glenwood spot, there will be a larger facility at Latham Park.

“The difference between the two is the skate spot is smaller and has less large structures,” said project manager Madeleine Carey. “It’s for tricks and things like that, it’s not like a flow park like the Latham Skate Park will be.

“It’s a great place for new skateboarders to hone skills and learn tricks. The idea that it was built upon from the skate park advisory committee was that, over time, Greensboro will have one large skate park which is supposed to be the Latham site surrounded by multiple skate spots. They’re smaller, less expensive locations around town for people to skate.”

The Glenwood Skate Spot will be a 4,000 square foot plaza with rails, a platform, two ramps and seating for observers.

The plan for Greensboro to gain its first two skateboard facilities began back in 2006, when a bond was approved by the community. Due to the fallout from the 2008 recession, it wasn’t until late 2014 that the current city council released funding for the project.

“We’re happy that this project, like all of our others, was completely citizen driven,” said Wade Walcutt, director of Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Department.

People from the skateboarding community like Fabio Camara and Anthony Alcantara teamed with Parks and Rec to plan out the Glenwood Skate Spot. They helped pick the location and the design-build team.

“It’s been a long process to get to where we are at right now,” said Alcantara. “This means a lot to us because it’s been a long run for us to have a skate park. Being part of that is awesome because we haven’t had a skate park, we haven’t had a place to actually skate in so long. Having such a facility like this is going to bring out people from all over the place to experience that with us.”
District 1 City Council member Sharon Hightower also attended the launch event.

glenwood_skate_spot3“What a beautiful spot to have a skate spot right?” she said. “This is where we sit in District 1 so I’m excited that we are starting the skate spot first right here in this community, in my district.

“I’m excited because Glenwood is a great amenity. It’s a great location. We sit here on a beautiful corridor where public transportation comes and the neighborhood and youth programs are going on the inside. So there may be even more interest in skateboarding as the youth inside begin to see all the activity that will happen here in this particular area.

“I know back in 2006, some of you may be a little older from when we started, maybe got some children now that might even be interested in skating. Never the less, we are here today to begin the beginning of such a great vision for this area.”

Greensboro has an active skateboard community but until now they did not have a safe or legal space to skate provided by city.

“We recognize that skateboarding is a legitimate sport and that we want to provide recreational opportunities for kids and adults of all ages and we think this bridges a demographic that we’re really not able to reach in other ways,” said Carey. “We feel like skateboarding is a great investment and it’s with the City of Greensboro and we’re honestly behind the times in getting one out there so we’re excited to be able to launch two in a very short turn around.”

Before community members broke ground on the site, Walcutt gave a short speech.

“I think it’s a lot more than just skating,” said Walcutt. “It’s being a part of something. The process itself was about building a better community, about getting people from all ages and backgrounds and cultures together to help build something for this community.

“It attracts people and businesses to come to Greensboro because of these amenities. At a skate park or spot, there is more going on than health and wellness there, it may be physical, it may be enhancing quality of life, maybe it’s people of all backgrounds getting together and having fun, maybe it’s building community at these locations. Too many times all of us, myself included, take that for granted. Let’s celebrate what we have today. What we’ll have in the future.”

Want updates on the skateboard spot and park’s progress? Follow their Greensboro Skate Parks Facebook page at