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2 Guys named chris comedy show

2 Guys named chris comedy show

The “2GNC Comedy All Stars” will again be shining brightly, as the “2 Guys Named Chris” radio show’s popular stand-up comedy event plays the Cone Denim Entertainment Center in Greensboro on Friday and the UNCSA Stevens Center in Winston-Salem on Saturday.

A talented trio of stand-up comedians headline the bill: Ronnie Bullard, Rich Aronovitch, and Bo Dacious (or “Bodacious,” if you prefer) – all of whom have appeared on the popular radio show heard on 92.3 WKRR-FM (Rock-92). They’ll be introduced by the on-air team of Chris Kelly, Chris Demm, Josh “Biggie” Ellinger, “Weather Dave” Aiken and Lauren McCombs.

(Truth in disclosure: Yours truly reviews movies on “2GNC” every Friday – usually between 9:30 and 10 am.)

The first Comedy All Stars event took place in 2010 and was an instant success. So they did another, and another, and still another … and seven years later there’s no end in sight. Not that anyone’s complaining, mind you. As Chris Demm related to me at a previous All Stars event: “Usually the first thing we hear from people is ‘When’s the next one?’ – and that’s very gratifying.”

“What we try to do with these shows is get some of our favorite comedian guests to perform for one weekend a year,” Kelly explains. “We call them the ‘2GNC Comedy All Stars,’ and we try to get a very diverse group.”

Each “All Star” has his own specialty, whether it’s talking about himself, riffing on relationships, discussing current events or simply telling funny stories. It’s all about chemistry – and variety.

“Ronnie Bullard is Southern-born but he’s been all over the world,” says Kelly. “He tells fantastic stories about flying, living, and growing up in the South. He played football in high school but was so bad he never saw the field! However, in the championship game when the star quarterback’s helmet broke, the coach told Ronnie to give his helmet to the quarterback – and the helmet, not Ronnie, scored the winning touchdown!”

This event marks Bo Dacious’ introduction to the Comedy All Stars. “He was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, (and) he learned to be funny because he was bullied as a kid for being the only bi-racial kid on the block, so his comedy has a real edge to it,” says Kelly.

Rich Aronovitch “is a New Yorker – and is hilarious,” praises Kelly. “He’s a real rising star. He says his dream of entertaining started as a kid in his bathroom. He has so many funny quirks and unique life experiences and he lives them all very publicly. He lived in New Orleans for a time and said he was the only Jewish kid in the entire city. He’s currently making a documentary called The Opener, (in which) he interviews guys who have owned for very famous comedians.”

Prior to the show at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center, there will be a free “meet-and-greet” with the 2GNC team at H/Q Greensboro (111 W. Lewis St.) from 5-6 pm, and prior to the Stevens Center show a free “meet-and-greet” at The Beer Growler (3434 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem) from 5-6 pm.

Want to go …? The “2 Guys Named Chris Comedy All Stars” will be presented 7:30 pm Friday at Cone Denim Entertainment Center, 117 S. Elm St., Greensboro. Tickets are $20. For tickets or more information, call 336.378.9646 or visit the official website:

The “2 Guys Named Chris Comedy All Stars” will be presented 7:30 pm Saturday at the UNCSA Stevens Center, 405 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem. Tickets are $20. For tickets or more information, call 336.721.1945 or visit
The official “2 Guys Named Chris”/Rock-92 website is: