springtime haikus


Spring, a brief moment

Between the freeze and the heat

Cursed with pollen

– Jordan Green, news editor

Greensboro’s world trail

Loose basketball in pathway

Runners competing

– Jordan Green

Weather variance

beautiful bright sky shining

bare feet run in grass

– Michelle Lanteri, marketing executive

Loping after squirrels

black, white and pollen yellow

cat squints at the sun

– Amy Kingsley, staff writer

Little speckles land

on the windshield of my car

Yellow means red eyes

– Rachel Brear, operations manager

Plants stretch and wake up

from a long sleepy winter

Now we mow them down

– Rachel Brear

Shed those winter clothes

Oh, how I have spring fever

for page three girl shoots

– Kenny Lindsay, graphic designer

Warm air has arrived

With it lawn mowing and pit stains

Don’t forget to wash

– Matt Goldman, editorial intern

Greens from the garden

Sun soaks in and warms the roots

We are nourished, too

– Brian Clarey, editor

Ice in my coffee

Waterguns in the backyard

And all those damn ants

– Brian Clarey