by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: supastardjtzone (spelled exactly as is. All lowercase.) Real name: Tony Turner Origin: I started out tagging walls under the moniker “thetzone.” “Supastar” was added because I would see and hear rave DJs in the mid to late ’90s who sometimes used “super” or “super star DJ” as a prefix and superstar DJ had more of a feel than just DJ. What I play: When you come to a show, there’s no telling what you might hear. I’m across the board from hip-hop to classical to jazz to rock, all with a hip-hop slant. If there’s a groove, you’ll groove. Catch me at: I hosted Attack of the Killah B-Sides and later the Industry Shakedown Sunday nights on 90.9 WQFS from 1998 to 2002, then held residency at the Blind Tiger from 2000 to 2004 and the Next Door Tavern from 2003-2004. Now I perform just by request. Got in the game: My father once told me I scratched my first record as a toddler on his player, then I got into DJing around age 13. Why I do it: It’s all in the spirit of hip hop. I can’t rap, but I was a B-boy, grafwriter and made beats. The next step was to become a DJ. I was collecting records and I was always fascinated by how records and songs can be manipulated live. To me, it’s more than just scratching to a beat. It’s the culture. Influences: DJ Kid Capri, 52 Breakbeats is a masterpiece and his live shows are like being at a historical event; DJ Ron G, the master of the blend; DJ J-Rocc, he’s what DJing is all about; DJ Z-Trip, he makes all styles of music work together; Gilles Peterson, always has the freshest new sounds; and DJ Dundee, who had the biggest influence and was the best to me. First pro gig: Soul in the Hole in Miami 1996 Favorite technique: blends, mash-ups and mixing. Personal playlist: golden era hip hop, deep and soulful house, rare grooves and everything on BBC’s 1xtra and BBC Radio One Favorite albums: I’m a huge J Dilla fan so, of course, Donuts. Also, A Tribe Called Quest — The Low-End Theory, DJ Rels — Theme For A Broken Soul, Derek B — Bullet From A Gun, Portishead — Portishead, Maxwell — Urban Hang Suite Equipment: Two Technics 1200s, Vestex PMC 06 mixer and I’m currently learning Serato Website: and facebook under my birth name. www., com/user/supastardjtzone I’d like to add: Check my MySpace page for two albums available for download and my YouTube channel for mixes.